Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Do as I say, not as I do

Politicians are full of advice on how we great unwashed should behave, and are always lecturing us about it. They've been doing this as long as I can remember, but seldom do they take their own advice. I remember back when forced integration was the moral imperative, and we were all supposed to welcome it in schools first and then neighborhoods, aided by court orders for school bussing and then by Section 8 and other government coercion methods. Interestingly, the politicians themselves and their families were often exempt from these things, somehow ending up in all-White neighborhoods and sending their kids to private, all-White schools.

Right now we're being lectured a lot. The incumbent, Obama, has been lecturing us for years — and by "us" I mean White Americans — that we must go along with any and all government plans to integrate the bejeezus out of everything, hand our tax money out to everybody in the world, invite the most dysfunctional people imaginable to immigrate and sign up for freebies, and waste more money and lives trying to sort out the eternal mess in the Middle East. And most of the Presidential hopefuls are giving us pretty much the same lectures. This included Democrats and Republicans, with the notable exception of Trump, who seems, at this point, anyway, to listen to the aspirations of the American people rather than lecture them on their shortcomings.

But, of course, as is usually the case, the Democrats manage to outdo the Republicans in their smarminess. This is from Council of European Canadians [link]:

Hillary and Bernie's America
by Tim Murray

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were asked in one of their boring debates if they would deport "undocumented" immigrants who have not committed any crimes. Both indicated that they would not.

I am glad to hear that, because I wanted to sneak across the BC-Idaho border, and make my way to Vermont to seek out a better life. The problem is, I have no place to stay. I am a man of meagre means without a passport and I don't have a Green Card. I am "undocumented". Therefore, when Senator Sanders is on the road or attending to his Senatorial duties, I plan to sneak into his house and live in the basement.

I know that I need not live in fear, because upon his return, I can infer from his remarks in Miami that Senator Sanders will not kick me out. Not only that, but he would endeavour to create a pathway to American citizenship for me. He would also encourage me to obtain a drivers licence because, with his blessing, the government of Vermont allows illegal aliens to do just that. After all, being able to drive a car is in most cases, an essential job requirement, and it is important that illegal workers have the ability to undercut American wages and displace their jobs. No wonder they call Vermont a "progressive" state.

Should Senator Sanders prove to be inhospitable however, then I shall try my luck at Secretary Clinton's house....
Read the rest here:
Quibcags: The Traven quote is illustrated by a scene from Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (翠星のガルガンティア Suisei no Garugantia), which just kind of looks Utopian. The Colonnesi quote has another version of Isis-Chan [link] as an illustration.

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