Friday, March 18, 2016

A Quick Reference to a Long Question about Trump...

I've heard several conspiracy theories about Trump. The most popular is that he's not a real conservative, which I dismiss, because of the bozo who are said to be real conservatives — Jeb, Rubio, Cruz, etc. — all seem to be in favor of mass immigration which is pure liberalism, and are also big on massive intervention abroad, also a core principle of liberalism, which goes all the way back to Woodrow Wilson. On these issues, Trump seems to be the real conservative.

A somewhat more credible theory, which I hear from some of my liberal friends, is that Trump is a stalking horse for Hillary. I'd give that one more credence if his stature weren't so great. I mean, surely his reputation would plummet if his behavior revealed that he's somehow been making all this effort as a favor to Hillary. So I find that one hard to credit, too, and I'm inclined to take Trump at face value.

But then I look over at Vulture of Critique, who very kindly mentions right off that he reads this blog, and goes on to consider what Trump might be up to at much greater depth and breadth. None of it could be considered advice to vote against Trump, because the alternatives would have to be worse or at least as bad. IMHO, a Cruz nomination would hand the election to Hillary, and a Republican Establishment coup at the convention to nominate a Bush or Romney or Ryan or something even worse would be roughly equivalent to nominating a clone of Hillary.

But it's certainly a revealing read. It's right here:
Quibcag: Since Trump says he wants to provide against the preventable evils of mass immigration, bad trade deals, pointless intervention abroad, and the shipping of jobs overseas, I thought this quote from Enoch Powell [link] would be appropriate, as a Powell Prime-Ministership might have fixed the UK much as I'm hoping a Trump Presidency might fix us. The iullustration is of three little witches, meant of course to symbolize "evils," from Little Witch Academia (リトルウィッチアカデミアRitoru Witchi Akademia).


  1. Trump's civic nationalism merely delays the inevitable decline and break up of the U.S. empire and Canada into smaller nation-states. Controlled or not, win or lose, Trump's candidacy does provide a window of opportunity for racial nationalists among the white MARs - that is, if they smart enough to exploit it by courageously and intelligently addressing the future and describing the requirements for white survival, creating the informal social and economic mechanisms necessary to sustain that demographic, and marketing themselves as a viable alternative. Although this work should have begun back in the 1950-1960s, it is still possible (barely) to strengthen and preserve America and Europe's traditional western European demographic. I am convinced that what I've described above is the very thing the Trump campaign's strongest enemies fear more than anything else. The last time we've seen such implicit racial unity between blue-collar and middle-income whites was not during the Reagan years when whites slept and white-haters conspired, but Germany in the early 1930s.

    As to alliances, Trump could exploit the inherent division between Hillary's "I've got mine, fark you" -leftism of her aging Baby Boomer supporters and Bernie's young fools/tools. By addressing and providing solutions that not only address, but ameliorate and provide solutions/alternatives to the high cost of housing and "bricks 'n mortar" -style education, for example, Trump could steal much of Bernie's "thunder."

  2. Why don't veterans run for congress?

    You've got a pension.

    You'll risk a bullet for democracy but you will not run for public office?

    Obviously, many have valid reasons for not running but not all especially those with leadership skills.

    The few veterans in congress now are not Pro-White and Anti-Zionist and that's what we need if we are to survive.

  3. Here's a real Devil's advocate position for you. They say Trump is Hitler. Well what if he is! Except, he's a Hitler hired by the powers that be knowing that the stresses in our society favor a Hitler type character so they provided us with their own.

    Now I'm not saying this is true but we are exposed to a VAST amount of propaganda, lies, deceit and control. It goes very deep. I don't have the answer to how deep or the truth but I have noticed the people planting lies must tell at least little tiny bits of the truth to get your attention. Parsing this mish-mash can be done to get at a small portion of the truth.

    I was reading Hipster Racist and the idea popped into my head about Trump's true runners. I actually don't think it's true because of Trumps lifestyle and comments he made decades ago are the same he's making now. He's consistent. I hope he's the real thing. He might not turn the country around but he could do a whole lot. Especially controlling the corruption.