Monday, February 22, 2016

Trump's a conservative, NOT a neoconservative.

Trump has been mischaracterized more than any other candidate in my memory. There seem to be three basic groups who are making stuff up about him. The first are the Democrat-progressive-liberals, who know that he'll certainly mess up their little playpen, and are calling him racist and bigoted and all the usual names the apply to those who oppose them. The second group are misled conservatives, who don't see that Trump's policy is the most effectively conservative — being nationalist as opposed to globalist, and smacking down political correctness wherever it pops up — while the other pseudo-conservative candidates are nothing more than Democrats-lite, really. And the third, most powerful group is the Republican establishment, who are committed to globalism, endless intervention abroad, and massive immigration, pretty much the same as the Democrats.

Tyler Seth puts it this way:

Trump isn't playing to America's worst instincts.

I'm tired of hearing Bernie supporters say this.

These people need to look in the mirror.

Bernie appeals to the entitlement mentality. He appeals to the urge to get something for nothing. He's essentially bribing voters with the promise of free money.

He blames everything on the rich.

Seriously, f*ck that communist demagogue.

He's pushing lies and easy answers.

In contrast, Trump is telling hard truths.

Islam is a dangerous religion that has a drive for conquest built into its foundations.

Mass immigration will bankrupt Western nations and displace our people in their own homelands.

China isn't a long term ally. It's an alien civilization looking after its own interests.

Our leaders have grown weak and are impeded by political correctness.

This isn't demagoguery. It's quite the opposite. He's come bearing bad news and is asking his countrymen to rise to the occasion.

He's not some salesman peddling sophistry and utopia.

Quibcag: Anime girls in Trump hats are all over the net. Very gratifying.

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