Saturday, February 20, 2016

Trump Triumph in South Carolina

Again Trump wins. And again most of the talking heads insist that none of the people who voted for the other candidates will ever vote for Trump, because Trump is just awful. I remember hearing the same thing about Reagan, and then he had two landslides. The thing is, Reagan Democrats aren't going to be attracted by the boyish Rubio or the creepy Cruz, but Trump's persona is right up their alley. At this point, no matter what the pundits (all of whom are viscerally anti-Trump) say, I think it's safe to predict a Trump landslide.

Matt Bailey says this better than I can. He writes:

Let's state this very clearly: 100% of past candidates who have won both the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries have gone on to win the nomination. And the man who just won the *Republican* primary of SC with a double-digit lead is the same guy who called the Iraq invasion, and by extension W's entire neocon administration "A big fat mistake".

The same guy who invariably ends his calls for a strong military with " we never have to use it", and the ONLY guy in the last debate who suggested a plan OTHER than starting a war with North Korea when it comes to containing Kim Jong Un.

The same guy who is perfectly willing to let Russia bear the load of putting down ISIS, instead of our bankrupt country wasting more trillions. Now, neither establishment Reps nor Dems have shown any inclination to extract us from the endless quagmire. Everybody declares they want peace, but henceforth I shall only believe those who bothered to vote Trump in this election.
Quibcag: Here we have Isis-chan again! [link]

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  1. Despite the media hype of Trump being a nut, he is actually the only candidate who is saying anything sane with regards to foreign policy.