Saturday, February 27, 2016

Trump could be a phony, sure, but Rubio and Cruz are 100% certified phonies.

The antiTrumpers keep telling us over and over again that we have to be skeptical of Trump and that we can't trust Trump. Sure. That's true of just about all candidates for President, past and future. We should be skeptical because we can't read his mind, any more than we can anybody else's. But why is it only Trump that we are cautioned about this way? Since he transformed into a political person —which he wasn't before — he's been consistent about things. And his explanation that, as a businessman, it was his intention to get along with everybody, from Hillary to Saudis in bedsheets, has the ring of truth about it.

But the antiTrumpers seem to want me to consider Trump an undependable liar, and at the same time take the other candidates at face value. It is to laugh.

Surely I don't have to tell the readers of this blog that Rubio is a complete blank. Do I? I mean, he was a member of the Gang of Eight, working hand in hand with Chuck Schumer, to try to force amnesty for millions of illegals down our throats. Got that? There is no reason to believe anything Rubio about anything whatever, anytime. He is a crawling horror. A vote for Rubio is a vote for giving amnesty to the millions of illegals here now, and attracting thereby millions more.

As for Carson, yes. Nice man. Doesn't know much. Wussy personality. Not really what anybody wants for President, seriously. If Republicans really want their own Black President, Alan West is standing right there.

Kasich, like Trump, only to a much lesser degree, is an nice contrast to the girly-boy feeling we all get when watching Cruz and Rubio perform, but only in contrast. Remember that he's fine with amnesty too, and wants to start World War III by arming Ukrainians. And he likes war in general, like most of our current cohort of lifelong civilian politicians.

But we're tempted to think more highly of Cruz, who is touted as more conservative, and some kind of Senate gadfly who doesn't get along with "establishment" Republicans. Like hell. Here's what Mickey Kaus has unearthed.

If Amnesty Wins, Blame Cruz

Mickey Kaus

If an immigration amnesty bill passes in this Congress-and there’s a definite chance it will–I know whom I’ll blame: Senator Ted Cruz. This might seem odd, since Cruz opposes amnesty. It’s not. Cruz was the national politician best positioned to stop the bipartisan, MSM-backed push for “legalization first.’ He not only failed to rise to the occasion, he’s recently increased its chance of becoming law.
The two-count indictment:
1. He didn’t step up in the Senate: As a charismatic Latino apostate, Sen. Marco Rubio quickly became the leader of the pro-amnesty faction in the Senate.  The anti-amnesty faction (composed entirely of Republicans) … well, they needed a leader too, especially a Latino leader, especially leader who was also a potential presidential candidate (and who could therefore scare all the other waffling presidential candidates with the possibility that he’d run against them on the immigration issue).  Such a spokesman would be in the press and on the Senate floor, day after day, making the case against the “Gang of 8” con job even if it risked costing him some MSM and donor support.  Cruz would have been perfect–he can be brilliant in argumentative give and take. But he didn’t do it. Instead, he contributed the minimum necessary to maintain his credibility as a foe of the Gang of 8: promoted an online petition, gave a nice floor presentation and a couple of cogent outdooraddresses to African American marchers and Tea-Partiers rallying on the mall. But the job of actually leading the opposition, day in and out,  fell to Sen. Jeff Sessions–who was organized, forceful and logical but couldn’t bring the PR heft to the fight that Cruz could. You got the impression that Cruz felt the Senate was a lost cause, and he behaved accordingly–which made the Senate close to a lost cause.

Read more:

And this, from the Christian Science Monitor:

Ted Cruz on immigration: How his views have shifted

The change of heart on immigration reflects Ted Cruz's small but important shift to the right on one of the presidential race's hottest issues

Ted Cruz has for months repeated that when it comes to immigration, he has never supported granting "amnesty" or "legalization" to people in the United States illegally.
He's half right.
Cruz once advised a White House working group that crafted President George W. Bush's ultimately unsuccessful 2004 immigration overhaul, which sought to offer temporary work visas to millions of people in the country illegally. He also was Texas state chairman of a conservative Hispanic organization that advocated for Bush's proposal.
And, in the Senate in 2013, Cruz sought to amend a sweeping immigration overhaul carried by one of his now presidential rivals, Marco Rubio. Cruz wanted to remove the possibility of obtaining U.S. citizenship, but didn't touch language allowing for a pathway to legal immigration status for those here illegally.
Cruz's past public statements seemingly supporting immigration reform with his amendments came back to haunt him during a Republican debate last month in Iowa — and the issue could prove thorny yet again for him during Saturday night's debate in Greenville, just a week before the South Carolina primary.
The change of heart on immigration reflects Cruz's small but important shift to the right on one of the presidential race's hottest-button issues, as a candidate who is already a tea party darling looks to further solidify his conservative credentials.
Read the rest here:
Thanks to Jack Kerwick for pointing out these two articles to me. [lin
So, I'm advised to reject Trump, who just might do what he says he'll do, in favor of Rubio and/or Cruz, both of which are clear liars and hypocrites? Uh-uh. I'll be voting for Trump, thank you.


Quibcag: I was looking around for the three witches who told MacBeth that he would be king, kingmakers, you see. Couldn't find them, but I found the three little witches from Little Witch Academia (リトルウィッチアカデミアRitoru Witchi Akademia). A whole lot cuter, I think you'll agree.

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