Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hatin' on the Trumpster, Democrat and Republican Alike

We all know why the left hates Trump. He stands for all the things they're against, and seems to be against all the things they like. The left loves masses of immigrants, of course, because they hate, explicitly or otherwise, the basic American person and all his attributes. And the best way to put such people down is to bring other people in to replace them. Leftists hate Americans so much, they even want to bring Muslims in, who are some of the most illiberal people in the world, because they hate Americans more than they love themselves. Hard for normal people to understand, but leftists are that way.

And the left is also hostile to Trump's talk of renegotiating trade deals and his plans to discourage American businesses from relocating plants overseas. And this is especially interesting, because the old left, which actually was supportive of the working class, opposed that sort of thing just like Trump is doing now. But the modern left is all hipsters and academics, and wouldn't recognize a lunchbox if they got slugged with one.

And of course Trump's rejection of Political Correctness especially enrages the left, because PC is basically their religion. PC's other name "cultural marxism," makes the left's attitude towards it somewhat easier to understand.

But why does the so-called "conservative" Republican establishment hate Trump so much? The conventional wisdom is that they're opposed to the left and its preferences, so you'd think they'd be glad to have Trump on hand to slap the lefties around. But no. John Craig explains why this is at his website here [link]:

Why does the Republican establishment fear Trump?

There's been a fair amount of publicity about how the functionaries in the Republican Party dislike and fear Trump. But why, exactly?

If you ask them, they'll say he's not electable. They've felt this way from the beginning, and backed Jeb Bush instead.

Some Republican stalwarts have also said Trump isn't a "true conservative" because in the past he's supported abortion and a national health care plan. But Trump is in fact far more conservative on the issues which have resonated with voters than the Republican establishment has been.

Trump has spoken out against illegal immigration far more strongly than any other candidate. This makes the establishment uncomfortable because they ware terrified of being accused of racism. But turning a blind eye to illegal immigration helps also big business by driving down their labor costs.

This is the issue on which their -- i.e., their donors' -- interests are most directly aligned against the middle class.

Big business also likes to farm plants out to India, China, the Philippines, and Mexico without penalty. They also like being able to reincorporate in Ireland and other tax havens.

Trump has spoken out against these practices. He has also suggested that hedge fund managers out not to have their management earnings taxed at the long term capital gains rate. (Hint as to where the Republican establishment stands on this issue: hedgies donate big bucks to the GOP.)

There's also the discomfort caused by Trump's criticizing of Republican orthodoxy. But who has more credibility: Trump, for saying that the Iraq War was a mistake, or the Republican Party, for refusing to acknowledge that?

Trump also ignores the rules of political correctness. Before him, no major Republican figure dared suggest that illegal immigrants from south of the border committed crime disproportionately, or even raise the possibility that we might reconsider allowing Muslims in until we can screen the terrorists better.

The Republican establishment, naturally, found this embarrassing. But polls show that a majority of Republicans and plurality of all voters agree with Trump about Muslim immigration.

Trump has also denounced the soft corruption of campaign contributions. This scares not only the big business donors, but also all the Senators and Congressmen hoping to eventually make a handsome living on K Street.

The Republican Party has always paid lip service to the middle class, but has enacted policies which favor their rich donors. And that's where Trump really scares them. If they can't control him, donors would have less reason to give the Party money. Even worse, Trump might try to reform that system.

It is true that Trump has turned every criticism he's received into a personal vendetta, and part of the job description for the Presidency is "thick skin." Calling Carly Fiorina ugly was ugly, saying Megan Kelly was "bleeding from her wherever" was a poor choice of words, and saying John McCain wasn't a war hero was ridiculous. But so far, none of the salvos from this loose cannon have backfired.

Yes, Trump is a bully and an egomaniac. But that's not why the Republican establishment fears him.  The real reason is, they want to keep their donors happy.

Otherwise, their spigot gets turned off, and then who would support them?
Quibcag: Here we have Tendo Nabiki, of  Ranma ½ (らんま½), eating a sucker. Best I could do.


  1. These donor dummies are about to lose everything. Its never enough for these greedy scum. Without a Middle Class the Economy has collapsed. There will now be a downward spiral where the municipal, state and finally federal governments begin to fall apart for lack of funds. The lifeblood of the economy has been removed, and now even the private sector is going broke. Where will these fool capitalist hogs who stole it all go when it all comes down. EBT stops working, Zombie Apocalypse, ethnic cleansing, even genocide. These scum better run, cause the survivors will hunt them down like Nazis after WWII when the chaos ends and a strong leader emerges to restore order.

    1. I want both parties dead, dead, dead. They've been pissing on us for 40 years and telling us it's lemonade.

  2. IMHO the reason Trump has gone anti-immigration/offshoring is due to what's his 'bread and butter' - casinos. Illegals don't have much money to gamble (and what money they do have goes either to state lotteries or 'underground' gambling).
    The middle class of a region with a casino are the patrons of it, if they suffer job/income loss from illegals/outsourcing the casino(s) in that region suffer too. Only Vegas can attract tourists.

  3. "...and saying John McCain wasn't a war hero was ridiculous."

    Actually, no. Crash Test Johnnie was a lousy officer of the U.S. Naval Service, a poorly qualified naval aviator, a dangerously irresponsible prankster (among the proofs of this centering upon his role in precipitating the horrendous fire aboard U.S.S. Forrestal on 29 July 1967), tactically inept (he was shot down over North Vietnam chiefly because he violated standard operating procedure in evading enemy anti-aircraft fire), strategically clueless, and morally contemptible in his personal life.

    To use the expression "war hero" in reference to the Admiral's Spoiled Brat is to violate the memory of all those men and women who have ever behaved with even arguable heroism in war.