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Diversity vs. Compatibility, According to Fred

Somebody, I can't remember who, in the wide array of libertarian thinking, pointed out once that "pollution" is a bit of a misleading word, in that it makes you think of "pollutants" as intrinsically bad things. Actually, in many cases, they're just things that are in the wrong places. Things that would be benign or even valuable elsewhere. That's the whole idea of recycling trash. It's a pollutant on the street but you can pick it up and make good stuff out of it. So when it comes to waste paper or plastic bottles, it's not a matter of good or bad, but of compatibility with surroundings. When it's full of water in your refrigerator, a plastic bottle is a good thing, a valuable thing. But when it's lying in the gutter, it's pollution.

And that applies to people. As far as I'm concerned, there's no problem with, say, Muslims. They're fine in Tunisia or Turkey or Turkmenistan and, for the most part, function as well as most people. The problem comes when they wind up in the wrong place, like in the midst of a bunch of Hindus or Christians. Then watch out. And you can say the same thing about Christians, of course. They're fine in Poland or Portugal or Poughkeepsie, but smack down a bunch of them in LIbya or China and, again, watch out.

And that applies not just to religious divisions, but to racial, ethnic, and linguistic divisions as well. You can think up plenty of examples for yourself. Icelanders and Bangladeshis seldom fight because they seldom see one another.

Now, obviously, there are degrees of incompatibility. Muslims tend to be incompatible with just about everybody else, while, say, Zen Buddhists are easier to get along with. But as Fred points out, even the nicest groups will develop friction and animosity when forced into close association. This is from Fred's website here [link]:

Diversity: A Civilizational Nightmare

A tribulation of following the news is the desperate peddling—it would appall an Amway salesman– of diversity, said to be our strength. Oh? Exactly why it is our strength is never specified. It seems to have brought no benefit beyond crime, rape, and genital mutilation. While the desirability of these advances is beyond dispute, it nonetheless seems to me that diversity has minor drawbacks worthy of consideration.
So, brothels and cisterns, let us look at some of the resplendent marvels of diversity, and the onward march of human betterment and happiness attendant thereunto. What have been the relations between:
In Germany, Germans and Moslems. In Canada, Frogs, Anglos, and Indians. In the US, blacks, whites, browns, and Moslems. In Sri Lanka, Tamils and Sinhalese. In Sweden, Swedes and Moslems. In Ireland, Prots and Catholics.  In Rwanda, Hutus and Tutsis, or maybe Tutus and Hutsis. In India, Hindus and Moslems among others. In Israel, Jews and Arabs. In France, French and Moslems. In Sudan, Moslems and Christians. In South Africa, Xhosa, Bantus, and whites. In Iraq and elsewhere, Shias and Sunnis. In Xian Jiang, Chinese and Moslems.  In Spain, Basques, Catalans, and the rest. In Germany, Jews and Germans. In Turkey, Turks and Armenians and Kurds. In ISIS-land, Moslems and Christians, Sunnis and Shias. In Indonesia, Indonesians and Chinese. In Holland, Dtuch and Moslems.
Most of these happy proximities have produced bloodbaths, actual genocide or attempts at it, forced migration as when Uganda threw out its Indians, mass butchery by machete as in Rwanda, repeated bombings in London, and such like exuberances. Other disasters are still only in the simmering stage. Americans are among those being simmered.
From which one might conclude that diversity is the principal cause of human unhappiness, mightn’t one?
In America the pattern holds. We are seeing serious and increasing racial attacks by blacks on whites and the looting of shopping malls that has now become traditional, like picnics on the Fourth of July: hunting and gathering. The importation of Moslems is reaching the point at which they can become the grave and irremediable problem that they are everywhere else. The growing Hispanic population causes friction, particularly in the Southwest and provokes cries for expulsion.
Lay the blame where you will: on white racists, black racists, racists of whatever color, on God or genes or sunspots. But reflect, though, on how very much of the trouble reported daily in the news arises from diversity. For example, achievement gaps, suspension rates in schools, rapes, honor killings, shootings by police, shootings of blacks by blacks, complaints of discrimination, interracial gang-beatings, affirmative action, mass demonstrations, actual terrorism, shootings of cops, demands for censoring of books and the removal of statues and the renaming of highways. Diversity is by a wide margin the worst nightmare facing the US.
All of which would suggest even to the birds of the air, the kine of the fields, to box turtles and retarded marmosets and the  alert among  the great apes that diversity is a terrible idea. Mix different kinds of people and you get trouble. In politics, diversity also grates. Those most afflicted by the twin scourges of liberalism and conservatism despise each other and do not willingly associate. Feminists and men, city slickers and rednecks, dogs and cats—all hate each other. So what should America’s response be?
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Quibcag: The cute little girls symbolizing Japan and the USA are from Hetalia: Axis Powers (Axis Powers ヘタリア)..

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