Monday, February 29, 2016

Karol Traven on Trump's popularity with actual Americans

Guest post by Karol Traven:

I have this whole rant about contempt and class and perception and verbal intelligence. I reference the court of the sun king and everything.

Suffice it to say....if you want to know why Trump is so popular? You know the rubes? with their (yuk yuk) fatasses and dirty shirts and fireworks and (yuk yuk) low verbal intelligence making them eminently mockable on the TV shows of high verbal intelligence folks like John Oliver?

They figured out the joke. They figured out that you, glib soft handed, high verbal intelligence, urbanites....hate them. Genuinely see their beliefs and deaths as laughable.

And BOY are they pissed. I do not really GET how deeply, fundamentally enraged these heavily armed, skilled hunters, often ex military with combat experience, and high technical skill.

Probably because theyre really nice. Oh, they're loud mouths. But very very nice people. Who aren't stupid. They just arent....glib.

And they're so f*cking pissed.

I'd seriously reconsider the glib and mockery levels. A lot.


  1. Flyover country is America. The coasts and the cities are the out of touch provincials. These people are living in an echo chamber that amplifies their tiny population of utopian fantasizers and gives them delusions of grandeur and makes them believe they are relevant, but they really aren't and haven't been since the 20th Century. The World Wide Web has made their gatekeepers empty their echo chambers and now the people are not even hearing their lies and drivel. They are prancing by themselves now.

  2. A microcosm:

    I work at a local college. The lobby in the student union is where various groups of students congregate. One would be aghast to hear what these kids say among themselves.

    While it is good that young people talk ... discuss ... communicate ... And at least try to think. Their trouble is they're only talking to each other.

    If they would only, for at least a day out of the week, just take a walk from the campus a few hundred feet away, they would find a different world. That world composed of working folks.

    They would find these common people out on their front porches, washing their cars, doing yard work, etc.

    If these students would just go up to them ... talk to them ... ask them questions. About what concerns them. Their hopes, dreams, concerns about the future.

    The students, if wise, don't lay any "ideology" on them and just listen ... They'd find it to be a different world out there in comparison to the academic fishbowl they've confined themselves in.

    All they'd have to do is take a few steps off campus ... and listen.

    This is in microcosm to what is happening on a national scale. The left and right coast elites haven't a clue as to what's going on in between ... and don't care.