Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sam Francis and Donald Trump

"Countenance" doesn't blog a lot, but when he does, it's always worth reading. The below is from here [link]

And it just confirms me in my conclusion that Trump has done something transcendent. The American people don't want a conservative leader, or a liberal leader, or a libertarian leader, though there are elements of all these political stances they might find to their liking.  What they want is a nationalist leader. That is to say, most Americans are very much aware that the survival and prosperity of the American nation is essential to their own, and that in order to survive and prosper, it needs a nationalist government. Before the swastika talk starts, let me point out that the alternative to nationalism is globalism. There isn't a third choice.

A globalist government, which is what we've more or less had for several years now, puts the welfare of the rest of the world on an equal footing with America. In theory. In practice, since most nations have governments that put their own nations first, our globalist government gives priority to everybody on earth except America and Americans.

We don't go to war in our own interest any more, but for the theoretical benefit of the people of the countries we invade. We overthrew Saddam Hussein because he was mean to his own people, not because his overthrow did us any good — and it certainly didn't. We followed the same pattern in Egypt and Libya, and will probably do so in Syria. It will cost us billions, get our troops killed, and do us no good whatsoever.

In 1924, we had an immigration law designed to limit immigration to people who would be good for America. In 1965, Johnson tossed that out as unfair or racist or something, and our current immigaraion policies are intentionally for the benefit of the immigrants, not us.

So here's what Countenance has to say. Be sure to follow the link. That's where the red meat is.

After All These Years

Washington, D.C.
After all these years, and ten years and change after his death, Sam Francis is finally someone, and getting the recognition and credit he deserves. [LINK]
This piece references and discusses Sam’s essay in the March 1996 edition of Chronicles, which I have referenced and quoted myself here very recently, especially its last two paragraphs, noting that as early as 25 years ago, Sam thought that “conservative/ism” was obsolete. As I write this post, Rush Limbaugh is quoting other parts from that essay.
All of this made me go back and re-read and in fact re-interpret David French’s NR piece that I linked to here and mildly discussed three days ago.  Now I think the proper way to interpret French’s article is this:  Mass public attraction to conservatism of any sort wasn’t necessarily an attraction to the actual content and ideology of the various brands of conservatism, but just for the fact that conservatisms were the only credible national force that theoretically (but, as it turns out, not in practice) offered resistance to the kook left.  In other words, people just want to fight and take it to the left rather than preen about ideology and purity; people hated the left more than they liked conservative ideology.  Which probably means that the modern greater right deserves its reactionary reputation.
This is why “conservatives” love Trump so much, because he’s baring fangs.
Just to put all my cards on the table, I knew Sam personally, I saw him at his grumpiest and his cheeriest, his fattest and his thinnest, and it would be fair to say that I am one of his modern day acolytes.
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Quibcag: Illustrated by mascot girls for recruitment into the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. I picked them because they look so nationalistic.


  1. I don't blog a lot?

    I blog too much for my own good :)

    1. Maybe, but not enough to suit me. Keep up the good work.

  2. The neo-cons that constantly beat the jingoistic drums of War appealing to fake patriotism, and the Left's absurd claim of being unpatriotic in not having higher taxes that are wasted by a virtually useless fake government, are going to lose all punch and receive jeers and abuse if these idiots try to tamp down nationalism. Patriotism without nationalism is simply absurd. Especially with a government more interested in foreign invaders than Americans on almost every issue. This government has lost all credibility in doing what government is supposed to do, and making Nationalism the enemy will ensure the complete abandonment of the insular fishbowl of Washington insiders by Main Street America.