Friday, January 1, 2016

Common Sense — Uncommon Among Libertarians

Elsewhere on the net there was a discussion about the NAP/ZAP (non-aggression or zero aggression principle). I linked to one of my many blog posts on the subject, pointing out that you can't raise kids without violating the NAP and that there are cultural disagreements about what constituted 'aggression,'and one of the commenters replied:

All that presupposes that libertarians have no common sense.

My reply to that was:

Well, duh! It's pretty clear, when you discuss most issues with libertarians (left-libertarians, at least, who dominate the movement these days), that they do lack common sense, or at least toss it out the window when discussing things like immigration. So please let your common sense show when you tell me how basic the NAP is. to your thinking, except when it isn't

And that is indeed the case. There is nothing more obvious to a person with common sense that alien cultures don't mix easily, and, frequently, don't mix at all well. And it's also obvious that ideas related to the NAP are pretty much restricted to our culture, Western Culture, and that you're not going to find them most other places.

It took us centuries, here in the west, to develop the idea of a polity where you can come up with rules like the NAP that people can agree to and observe. In most of the world, the NAP is just so much mumbo-jumbo that people don't understand, and would reject if they did understand it. In 1924, it became clear to a lot of Americans that we were letting in too many foreigners too fast, and that they weren't assimilating as well as they should. This was partly because of sheer numbers, and partly because there were many coming in from parts of Europe (and even nonEuropean areas) distant culturally from the Northwest European norm that enabled American principles (like the NAP), and that they were bringing their own anti-freedom creeds with them from Southern and Eastern Europe and not adapting to American ways of living and thinking.

So the Immigration Law of 1924 was passed to fix the problem. And it did, until Satan's Spawn Lyndon Johnson tossed it all out and instead gave us the virtual open-borders rule of the 1965 act which gives us the mess we've got right now.

And as Matt Bailey suggests, this isn't about eating spaghetti or talking funny. This is about cultural differences so different as to be horribly destructive. This is about such things as female genital mutilation (come on, libertarian purists — tell me why libertarian principles prevents a Somali immigrant from cutting out his daughter's genitals), honor killing, the elevation of religious law above civil law (a principle Western Civilization rejected centuries ago), polygamy, cannibalism, etc.

So, libertarians, if you have the capacity for common sense, please use it, and spare me the argument that 'religious freedom' requires that we welcome cults into this country that are incompatible with the very foundations of our civilization.
Quibcag:  Ranma and Ukyo of Ranma ½ (らんま½) speak with funny accents and eat exotic food.


  1. How unrealistic are the 'true believer' libertarians? See for yourself. Total cotton-candy land.

  2. Libertarianism is a dead end. Not having a government or collective action in a world full of hostile tribes that want to steal your stuff and rape your women was always stupid. Even John Wayne didn't fight a whole indian tribe alone. Non Aggression is good how? Being aggressive made Donald Trump a Billionaire. Nice guys finish last. Ask Mitt Romney how being nice worked out for him. Aggression is what makes Lions live in peace. Non aggression is what makes sheep easy to herd and kill. Being non aggressive in groups means having to sacrifice members of your herd to predators to escape yourself. Done by itself leads to victimhood all your life. Go ahead and be a Martyr if you want, but being a Christian doesn't mean having to be a martyr like Christ. If you want to crucify me by bringing wooden planks and spikes to my house, no one will ever see or hear of you again. I'm damn aggressive, and vindictive too, and no that doesn't make me bad, it makes my life as peaceful as the Mighty Lion, the King of the Jungle.