Friday, December 4, 2015

The Return of Isis-Chan

For some time now, Steve Sailer (whom you all should be reading daily [link]) has been arguing for a National Immigration Safety and Quality Board [another link]. What the hell, you might ask. His point in simple. When we have a transportation disaster, like a plane crash, here comes the National Transportation Safety Board to figure out what happened and why, and who is responsible for the catastrophe. Btu when one of Obama's precious immigrants murders a bunch of people, the idea of investigating who let the creep in and why is taboo. The press goes along with this, of course, preferring to speculate about whether the mess can be described as terrorism or workplace violence, and how much more gun control we need.

Clearly, it's totally idiotic and irresponsible to let any Muslims immigrate, much less dysfunctional families like the Farooks, and much much less his psycho-murderer bride, but that's the Clinton-Bush-Obama policy, as well as the policy of all the prospective Presidents on the horizon, with the notable possible exception of Trump.

Got that? No Muslims at all should be allowed to immigrate. Not a damn one. And can anybody think of any other categories of that sort? Mention them in the comment for extra credit.
Quibcag: Today's quibcag is appropriately illustrated by Isis-Chan [link] who was originally drawn by, interestingly enough, Isischan-Isis-Chan [link].


  1. No Africans of any kind - we've got way too many as it is. If fact, we should give convicted Africans a choice: Prison or a one-way ticket to Africa, never to return.
    No ''Christian refugees'' from Iraq, Syria, or ''the Palestinian territories''. Hard-hearted, yes, but if we say ''we'll take refugees, but they have to be Christian'' that will be exploited. Johnny Jihad: ''I'm an oppressed Christian! [starts rattling off Bible passages]''.
    You don't think they'll play that game to get 'the golden ticket' to welfare, public housing, decent health care and lots of White infidels to rape and kill?
    I started hearing that nonsense 10 years ago when it was Iraqis getting the short end of the stick post-Saddam, I've been saying the same thing for a decade.

  2. Vietnamese and other people from communist countries shouldn't be excluded because they're actually trying to escape communism and wouldn't want their new home to become more like their old one. Yes, I know, that sounds a lot like the excuse for the muslims but immigrants from communist countries generally give more than they take away.