Sunday, April 23, 2017

Baron Bodissey on Islam

Those opposed to me in the sociopolitical world of course say lots of stupid things. It's to be expected. What is frustrating, though, is when my sociopolitical allies say stupid things. It's often understandable that they say them, but they're stupid nonetheless. This applies to many issues, but for now, let's talk about Muslims and immigration. Far too many of my allies who want Muslim immigration stopped say that it's because Muslims are crazy and/or evil. This is just silly. It's war propaganda of the demonize-the-enemy sort. I'm opposed to virtually all Muslim immigration. But it's not because I think Muslims are crazy (they're not, any more than anybody else is) or that they're evil (ditto). I oppose such immigration because Muslims are incompatible. Their faith and culture (they go together) essentially demand that they actively oppose many of the principles that are basic underpinnings of Western Culture. There's nothing new about this. Islam has opposed Christianity and Christendom since its birth.

And yes, I'm well aware that there are variations in Islamic culture, and that they differ widely from one another, from the baccha bazi (بچه بازی,)[link] hijinks in Afghanistan to the (usually) secular Turks to this, that and the other thing from the Philippines to Chechnya to Morocco.

Baron Bodissey clarifies it all, from Gates of Vienna [link]:

The Logicians of Sacred Atrocity


  1. "But it's not because I think Muslims are crazy (they're not, any more than anybody else is) or that they're evil (ditto)".

    Depends on what you mean by evil. Is a rat with bubonic plague evil? Or does evil result from their presence? If it is "good" to have White civilizations, then would anything that interferes with their perpetuation be "evil"? Are Whites "evil" for interfering in Islamic cultures? Semantics.

    1. Quite so. I think the "evil results from their presence" is the most _useful_ thinking strategy here, because it's easily demonstrated _without_ making any judgments about the intrinsic value of Islam, or any other foreign culture. When you say they're crazy/evil, you get answered "compared to what?" or "according to what overarching value system?" and you get bogged down arguing about that.

  2. The Left has a big blind spot. They ignore anything that doesn't seem consistent with their erroneous beliefs. These idiots literally do not listen to anyone that doesn't toe the Party Line. To them anyone who doesn't have the same views and parrot the same lines are Evil or Stupid or perhaps both. And look they have a cardboard certificate from a Marxist Re-education camp to wave around that will obscure their vast ignorance of anything that disagrees with them. They don't actually believe Muslims are compatible. Far from it. Incompatible is a bonus for them. As long as they HATE America, anything else they do is meaningless. And religion is an empty space for these fools. They don't care, and so they believe no one else does too. Is it projection? Nah. They just don't let facts interfere with their delusions. Its a Cult. And a Suicide Cult at that. Face it, these idiots are all freaks and losers. What do they care? They probably don't have children or any real meaningful relationships. What is this future talk other people care about. Substance abuse, promiscuous party sex, fashion, hair, clothes and of course FOOD. The only thing these idiots ACTUALLY KNOW about other countries is CUISINE. Oh that fabulous ethnic food. Its not like these lazy bastards could find the recipe and make it themselves. Oh its so much more AUTHENTIC when they make it. Like Italian Pizza, invented in America by Italians. Or Chow Mein, invented by Chinese in America. Why? Cause these people run restaurants and importing real ethnic foods from their countries is costly and probably unappealing to Americans that eat other staples. Chinese restaurants serve a ton of chicken, beef and maybe a stray cat or two. But at home in their homelands its mostly veggies and fish. And seaweed. But these well read or perhaps fed "elitist" Philistines would rather have these fake ethnic foods served by authentic foreigners. Like Koreans running Chinese and Japanese restaurants, because what's the difference really? Sure they all HATE and DESPISE each other in their homelands, but their Asians right? At least originally.