Friday, March 17, 2017

Hot-Headed Bob Newhart

Many years ago, in an episode of Bob Newhart's Vermont show, several of the townspeople kept referring to Bob as "hot-headed." This was extraordinarily ludicrous, as it's hard to imagine a person less hot-headed than Bob Newhart in any of his incarnations. But that was for comedy and it was all in fun.

Right now we're going through a similar phenomenon with much less benign intentions and results. Trump is constantly being accused of things in much the same way. At the top of the list is the notion that he's "stupid." Leaving aside the impossibility of a stupid person accumulating that much money, you have to remember that for several decades now, the Democrats/liberals have called all Republicans stupid, especially Republican Presidents and Presidential candidates. It's just what they do. The last one they couldn't bring themselves to call stupid was Nixon, because he was so obviously intelligent that they had to settle for "unhip" instead. Meanwhile, of course, they've praised such mediocrities as Hillary, Biden, and Obama for their magnificent intellects.

Another accusation is "thin-skinned," which is absurd. He'd be a basket case by now if he were thin-skinned. The last time we had a President so hated and reviled by such a large group of people we had a civil war over it. And, frankly, Lincoln had a lot of it coming.

And we also have the constant cries that he'll get us into a war. Well, no. He's made it clear that he'd much rather cooperate with the Russians than fight with them, in contrast to war-mongering psychos like Hillary and McCain. The latter is right now trying to get us into a war with Russia over Montenegro [link].

Has anybody called him "lazy" yet? Just wait.

Finally, here's an interesting comparison with an earlier President:

Is Donald Trump a Jacksonian?

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  1. Jackson was a killer, both in hot and cold blood. Trump is not a killer, at least not of Jackson's kind. It's a Scots Irish mountain folk thing. As for those who hold Jackson in contempt, they still call the time from the end of the war of 1812 to the Mexican American War the Jacksonian Era.