Thursday, February 2, 2017

Communist Street Thugs

One very annoying assertion I keep hearing from the so-called "right wing": the violent leftists rioting in the streets are the real fascists. This shows an ignorance of history in general and fascism in particular. The implication is (and this is what the MAG* is constantly telling us) that everybody was doing just fine in Europe back in the day and then the fascists showed up on the street and ruined it for everybody. Wrong. The fascists came into being to oppose the communist thugs who were taking over the street. You know, just like they're trying to do here, in America today. So the scum rioting in Berkeley aren't the "real fascists" — they're the real communists, the sort that always try to take over through lawlessness and brutality. If and when (and let's hope they don't wait too long) actual fascist form ranks to oppose them, they will be crushed, just like their communist sisters were crushed in Europe in the early part of last century. And when this happens, and we have our own street auxiliaries, people like this coward with the pepper spray will be beaten senseless immediately and on the spot.

Fascism, you see, is what happens when the established order either can't handle the pressure from the left, or outright gives in to it. The fact that only one arrest was made during the entire riot at Berkeley is proof that one of those situations prevails.

And, really, it's a simple matter of the defenders of civilization realizing that the destroyers have several effective techniques that can only be opposed by emulating them. When they riot in the street, and the government fails to stop them, it falls to us to counter-riot and destroy them. Now, we've had what amounts to a Weimar government for quite some time now, and all of a sudden we might have a cure for all that in the form of the Trump Administration. Let's hope so. We may not need street troops of our own to prevail. Trump certainly seems to understand what his priorities ought to be, and it's possible that we can return to the benign conditions of America and the West a century ago without having to invoke fascism. I, for one, would be delighted with that.

The fact that the left keeps screeching "Nazi" at Trump and his supporters doesn't prove that they are Nazis, but rather that the left fears that they will crush the left and make fascism unnecessary.

At any rate, don't let anybody pull the "the leftists are the real fascists" line on you. They're nothing of the kind. Fascists had principles, and for all their failings, had a much more realistic and less ideological view of the world than the Berkely thugs do. And they don't pepper-spray women. And they don't rape. They may get a little rambunctious now and then, but it's mostly the roughness of a soldier and not the brutality of a communist apparatchik. 

As I keep telling you, we must have no enemies on the right, just as our leftist opponents have no enemies on the left. The fascists are on the right (never mind what Trotskyite/Neocon Jonah Goldberg) says, and are our allies. If they use tactics you don't like, just remember that the left routinely uses much worse tactics, and is proud of it, too.

When the left advocates "punching Nazis," they don't mean actual Nazis, you know — they mean you, and me, and everybody to the right of Black Lives Matter.

Have you hugged a fascist today?
*Media, Academia, Government. Yes, I've decided to keep my acronym, and not worry about it getting mixed up with Trump's MAGA, which means almost the exact opposite.
Quibcags: Well, gosh. I had these illustrations in reserve, so now I can't remember where I got them in the first place.


  1. There's a reason why the enemy keeps obsessing about Hitler. He beat them. Their unbeatable Marxist future got squashed by one man with a spine and a love for his nation. Every time they scream Hitler, the more chances one guy will come to smash them too. Hitler didn't lose, we did. America and England were suckered. Henry Ford and Charles Lindberg both saw who the real enemy was, and both were stopped from warning our fathers and grandfathers. Ford was threatened by the Bankers, and Lindberg had his son murdered. They blamed a German guy, but we know better. These cheap thugs are cowards. They fear a blowback. Trump has to save the System cause he has his whole life in it. It cannot be done. Its rotted out. The core was rotted before WWII, and now the whole thing called Amerikwan is a rotting dessicated corpse. Its all corruption now. Trump has bankers and Goldman Sachs in his Cabinet. Too bad. But you cannot save a rotted out husk. Its cheaper to knock it down and build anew.

  2. I think it would be okay to call a commie a fascist to his face as that would tend to unhinge him.

    ex.: In and argument/discussion, "You are the very fascists you accuse others of being."

    That sort of thing.

    Of course be careful. They tend to get "brave" if there's more than one of them.

    I don't know the illustrations from the second and third "quibcag" but the first is a parody of the Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga character from the much beloved anime, Azumanga Daioh.