Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Jesus Gambit

First, thanks to Matt Bailey [link] for sending this graphic in. The message is clear and accurate. Pay no attention to the Jesus gambit. For one thing, it is a relatively new idea that Christians should destroy themselves for the benefit of non-Christians. For centuries and centuries, it was unquestioned that a Christian's duty was to defend himself and other Christians against others who waged war against Christianity — Muslims in particular, and non-Christians in general.

In short, the idea that Christians have a duty to welcome Muslims into Christian countries is God-damned nonsense, and I use "God-damned" in it's literal, not vulgar, sense. And this especially applies to the clergy, from the Pope to the most rarified Unitarian, who have twisted Christianity into some kind of suicide cult. One very popular manifestation of the cult among our churches is their ethnomasochistic urge to bring in anybody and everybody from the Third World, Christian or Muslim or whatever, and feed them and take care of them and then turn them loose to do as they will. If you belong to a church like that, make them stop or leave the church. I'm sure you can find a saner one to attend. No. For centuries, all Christians, Popes, monks, Kings, peasants, all fought Muslims, and did not invite them to immigrate. Our ancestors would have considered that bewilderingly insane.

Speaking of bewilderingly insane, I heard a talking head on Fox News of all places ask an interviewee if Angela Merkel was partly to blame for the Berlin atrocity. It amazes me that the question was even formulated. Of course she's to blame, and more than partly. She's so much to blame that if German law permits, she should be removed from office and convicted of being an accessory to murder. It's all the more serious because she plans to welcome more murderers into Germany. Now, I heard another talking head explaining all this, by pointing out that Merkel's father was a Lutheran minister, and she learned her ethnomasochism from him, as he was one of those Christians who believe that we should sacrifice our lives for the welfare of those who are not Christians. I suppose there's something to that, but it's also true that she was brought up as a communist in communist East Germany and was a member of the  Free German Youth (FDJ). And she's never, as far as I know, repudiated communism, so she's one of those repulsive types who've done the thesis-antithesis-synthesis thing with Christianity and communism. This is often called liberation theology.

So don't let them pull the Jesus gambit on you. Remind them that it was Christians who fought in the Crusades, and that John III Sobieski never said that Islam was a religion of peace.*
*I have a theory as to where this nonsense meme that Islam is a religion of peace came from. The way the Arabic language works is that the basic root word consists of three consonants, and that whereas most languages derive words from other words with prefixes and suffixes, as in English walk, walker, walked, walking, walks, Arabic stuffs vowels (and sometimes another consonant) here and there around the three-consonant root for the same reason. From Wikipedia [link]:
From a single root k-t-b, numerous words can be formed by applying different patterns:
  • katabtu 'I wrote'
  • kattabtu 'I had (something) written'
  • kātabtu 'I corresponded (with someone)'"
  • aktabtu 'I dictated'
  • iktatabtu 'I subscribed'
  • takātabnā 'we corresponded with each other'
  • aktubu 'I write'
  • ukattibu 'I have (something) written'
  • ukātibu 'I correspond (with someone)'
  • uktibu 'I dictate'
  • aktatibu 'I subscribe'
  • natakātabu 'we correspond each other'
  • kutiba 'it was written'
  • uktiba 'it was dictated'"
  • maktūb 'written'
  • muktab 'dictated'
  • kitāb 'book'
  • kutub 'books'
  • kātib 'writer'
  • kuttāb 'writers'
  • maktab 'desk, office'
  • maktabah 'library, bookshop'

Now, the word Islam has the s-l-m root, and itself means "submission," one supposes, to Allah. But it can form the word salām سلام, which means "peace." That is, peace in the sense of having submitted to Allah so there is no need to struggle. So, if you're vaguely aware of all this, it sort of makes sense to say Islam is sort of a religion of peace, because its name is related to the word for peace.

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