Saturday, December 24, 2016

Glaivester Strikes Again!

In response to this. From Glaivester's site here:

This, of course, is exactly what is going on. And there's more than one reason for it. At the top, of course, is the simple fact that White countries, by and large, are better places to live than nonWhite countries, so there's tremendous pressure from people from other countries to move to them. Add to the general desirability of White countries the fact that most of them seem to be willing to put immigrants straight onto welfare, and you get even more pressure, from would-be immigrants who are rather less desirable than most, precisely because they want to come to our countries and get freebies. Some such, like the late perpetrator of the Berlin massacre, are considerably worse than undesirable, but our politicians, like Merkel, are still determined to invited them in and put them on welfare benefits and wait till they go on murder sprees.

That, of course, is the second reason. Politicians who let the immigrants in. They may be stupid or evil or both. I heard Merkel described as basically stupid, because she thinks her Lutheran faith requires her to allow Muslim terrorists and ordinary Muslim criminals into Germany so they can kill and rape and wreck the country. This is called "compassion" by idiots who don't know the meaning of the word. A better word is "ethnomasochism." That should be pretty self-explanatory. It means being masochistic on behalf of your own ethnic group. In the sort of cases we're talking about, it means, say Swedes working hard to wipe out their own people by bringing in immigrants as unSwedish as possible, preferably low-IQ types from the MidEast and Africa, encouraging them to reproduce with generous welfare benefits, and talking your own people into intermarriage with them to create people who are neither fish nor fowl, and manifestly not Swedes. A generation or two of that, and it's the death knell for Sweden. A country like the US, from sheer size, will last longer, but the doom will be on us too, if we go that route.

Another reason is the encouragement — let's stick with Sweden as an example — by nonSwedes already present of yet more nonSwedish immigration. The motivation for this is obvious on one level — they'll be happier with more of their own kind to hang out with. One remembers the odious Khizr Khan who did the self-righteous speech at the Democratic convention. He has devoted his life, it seems, to greasing the skids to get more Muslims, and therefore more terrorists, into the United states. [link]
This would seem to apply to any group that has been allowed into White countries. When they reach a certain critical mass, they produce a subgroup that specializes in trying to get more of them in.

And then, alas, we have Jews. Throughout the White world, Jews have been at the forefront of the open borders, let anybody in, especially let nonWhites in, movement. When asked, representatives of such groups say that because Jews have been persecuted, they're very sensitive to the suffering of others, and therefore they do whatever they can to bring suffering foreigners into Germany, the US, the UK, and all other White countries. Other Jews have pointed out that such movements are motivated by the desire to repress the ethnic core of White countries, and replace it with a hodgepodge of ethnicities, on the theory that if Sweden remains 90% Swedish, one day the Swedes might all get together and give the Jews a hard time. But if Sweden is a mix of ethnicities such unity would be very unlikely.  This is insane, of course, because Swedes, who are excruciatingly tolerant, just might decide to give Jews a hard time because of the efforts of some Jews to destroy the Swedish people.

Finally we have hate. Real hate, not the leftist accusation of hate whenever anybody disagrees with them. I'm talking about the hate that many Muslim immigrants have for the people who give them refuge. Terrorists, they're usually called, but some are just ordinary murderers and rapists who have no particular ideology. They just hate these Germans, or Swedes, or Americans, and think up ways to hurt them. And it's not just Muslims, of course. In the US, we've suffered killing sprees by all kinds of immigrants, legal and illegal [link]. The hate is from the immigrants themselves, from White social justice warriors who hate themselves, their parents, and the rest of us even more, from that certain group of Jews, and from anybody and everybody whose life is shaped by political correctness. Time to turn all this around.

And Glaivester adds:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

First of all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of my readers.

I believe that on Election Day 2016, God gave this country a reprieve. But we do not want to waste it. As a Christian, I believe that we are under judgment, and that this reprieve ought to be viewed as a chance to further spread the gospel and to work to strengthen and edify others who are already saved. If you are a Christian, find a good, Christ-centered, bible-centered church. If you already have one, see what you can do to volunteer to help the church's mission. Also work to help missionaries around the world and in this country, either through your church, or through organizations you trust (Advancing Native Missions and Association of Baptists for World Evangelism are two I use).

Also, on a more secular level, we must continue to support organizations and websites like VDAREAmerican RenaissanceNumbersUSA, and Gab. We cannot assume that we can rest easy. Our enemies are rebuilding their forces as they did after the humiliating amnesty defeat in 2007. This time, we have to (a) keep building the grassroots that got Trump into office, and (b) go on the offensive.

So that is what we need to do going into the New Year - consolidate the victories we have, stay vigilant, and look to start regaining lost ground in the war to preserve America; keep looking to God for guidance and keep working to do his will. Above all, do not assume we have finished the job by getting Trump elected. The battle is never over in this age. I could go into more detail, I'm sure, but that's enough for now.

That is all.

And I agree completely

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