Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Creator of "Dilbert" on the Election

Have you been reading Scott Adams' blog [link]? You really ought to. His insights into the Art of Persuasion are remarkable. After all, he learned how to create a comic strip with nearly universal appeal. He made "Dilbert" so that it would sell. And running for office is selling oneself, so his analysis of the Trump-Clinton race is well worth reading.

One of his most intriguing insights is that people seldom vote on the basis of facts or logic, but on the basis of emotion, the chief of which is fear. We geezers remember the famous LBJ ad that showed the little girl with the flowers getting nuked because Goldwater was a warmonger. Of course, it turned out that LBJ was the warmonger and it took Nixon to extricate us from the Vietnam mess.

In short, scare tactics are what work best in an election, Both sides seem to realize this, but one side has more demonstrable truth on its side.

For example, Hillary tells us we should fear Trump because he remarks on how women look — you know, how attractive they are — which is just about a universal straight male trait. Scott puts this in perspective in a tweet:

That's from his latest post here [link] which I recommend to you. In fact, I recommend his blog, his comic strip, and his books.
Quibcag: Speaking of the fear factor, here we have the girls of  running in Joshiraku (じょしらく) fear from a big black rabbit with fire shooting out of his eyes.

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  1. Yeah well Dilbert may have called Trump early, but his cartoon has been all over the place. He's had diatribes against "Islamophobia" and of course diversity seems to be a mandatory thing nowadays. He's also disabled comments for his articles. Its kind of hard at times like this to find anyone "respectable" to quote, but then "respectable" Today is nowhere near the Webster Dictionary definition either.
    I take that "tribe" thing far less seriously than you do. Face it man, we're no tribe. We went past that stage Millenia ago. Its the others that still cling to tribes. We're a people. We're a culture. We are the basis of Western Civilization. The tribes are the enemy. Like the American Indians, they just don't grok this Civilization thing we do. Their idea of culture is cheap clay pottery and their "primitivism" fetish has more to do with their lack of sophistication than ideology.
    Playing by the enemy's rules is a huge mistake. Especially when you see they just make this shit up and move the goalposts to keep us from scoring and making their side win easier. We shouldn't lower ourselves to the standards of our inferiors to get their "approval". That shit about "approval" and "respectability" is the lame story the cuckservatives use to justify losing. Their idea of dignity is stooping to take it up the ass.