Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Matt Bailey has been reading Gibbon, or Poul Anderson, or something like that.

Matt summarizes our situation pretty well below, and all I want to add is that we — "we" meaning our government — already has an empire, what with our having troops stationed practically everywhere, and bombing going on in an unbelievable number of places, either by us or our proxies. Or maybe a better word would be "hegemony," since we don't rule these places directly. If God-Emperor Trump does things right, we'll end up with a more modest, real empire, limited to our basic sphere of influence, and not incorporating incompatible ethnic groups. I mean, Canada would make more sense as a group of American provinces than Iraq or Yemen, right?

Anyhow, here's Matt:

I'm just gonna throw this out: All nations run by democracy pass through the stage where the politicians have expanded their vote-buying projects too much, where too much of the population is parasitical, voting for bread or circuses out of a (diminishing) public coffer. Democracy is no protector of life, liberty, and property when the masses are rushing madcap to vote all those things away. At that point your civilization can either fall to ruin and absorption by other nations, as many Greek city-states did, or it can *rise* to empire under someone with the strength to reign in the masses, as did Rome. Look here, I've seen worse starts for a royal dynasty. Probably rule well for several generations before they start producing Neros and they have to be replaced. 
Look at your blue-haired "Goths and Vandals" in the streets and tell me we don't need an iron man on a golden throne to just make them sit down and shut up. (Should be easy, unlike the original Goths and Vandals these are vegan twerps with no appreciable testosterone...)
AND, worse comes to worst: "The beauty of rule by kings is that changing the government only takes a sharp knife or a few drops of poison"-Matt Bailey
Quibcag: First llustration found on Pinterest. The second I assembled from a meme going around with Trump as Caesar plus the USA mascot from Hetalia: Axis Powers (Axis Powers ヘタリア).

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  1. WTF?

    We need an iron man to crack down?

    Why don't we just enforce the damned laws we have? We already have the iron man, the Constitution, if we'd just abide by it.

    Trump will do NOTHING regarding the abuses of this Constitution (at least to any degree).

    I hate to tell Matt this, but Trump is no Hitler.