Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Quick Quibcag on Nationalism

I liked this. It's from the comments section at Vox Day's site [link]. I'm thinking of also quibcagging just the last part: What do you think?

I still consider myself a Nationalist Libertarian. Which for me means 'Go with Liberty, until Liberty may adversely effect the Nation, then go with the Nation'.


  1. I prefer Alt-archist.
    Forget think tanks, Losertarians were just as ineffective as Cuckservatives. Find some regulation, fee, or tax and do what it takes to cut it. Make the real world a better, freer place instead of describing yet another Utopia or whining.

  2. Most "rugged individualists" are aspies or social retards. Man is a social animal, and collective is one of those fake made up words that might as well be a mantra or something. Society is basically a cooperative mutual defense league. Even John Wayne didn't try to fight Indians on the Warpath all by himself. These sissy city boys and their pretensions of independence amuses me. None of them are Daniel Boone living in the woods, hunting and fishing and keeping their own house up. When City Dudes who live in Balloon Frame Houses and depend on public utilities start talking about rugged individualism and private homesteads, they better stop smoking pot.