Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Left, the Right, and Donald Trump

It's an old observation that when the right moves further right, and the left moves further left, eventually they meet. That implies that the far right and the far left have things in common, and actually agree on some issues. That may have some truth to it, but I prefer to think that as one moves further in one direction or the other, one moves away from the established authorities of leftism or rightism, and tends to be less lock-step with them, and to be more realistic and less ideological, paradoxically enough.

This is supported by this essay by Paul Street at Counterpunch [link].

Mr. Street says the usual knee-jerk thing about Trump being racist and sexist etc., so he clearly hasn't liberated himself from leftist ideology to any great extent, but he's objective enough to see that Trump supporters are indeed a populist bunch whose support grows out of patriotism and that the establishment is viciously opposed to Trump and everything he stands for, including that annoying patriotism.

All this stuff about racism and the other -ism's, plus the dubious announcement of sexual harassment by women who seem to have timed their revelations rather late, and obviously just in time to influence the election, is nothing but propaganda designed to induce voters to support Hillary, and has nothing to do with the reasons the establishment hates Trump. They hate him because, as used to be said about FDR, he's a 'traitor to his class.' Hillary, on the other hand, is a willing tool of the establishment. Street's essay includes this list of Trump positions that the responsible, rational left agrees with. Interestingly, I consider all of these positions right-wing

At the same time, Trump has earned equal if not greater disdain from the richly bipartisan ruling class and power elite for saying some curiously accurate and even sensible things that left progressives have reasons to agree with. Here are some of the statements for which Trump cannot be forgiven by a financial and imperial super-class that has never really accepted him as a fellow member despite his wealth:
+ “Free trade” (really untrammeled global investor rights) ala Bill Clinton’s North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Barack Obama’s proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has cost untold masses of “forgotten” working class Americans their livelihoods.
+ The American political system is “broken” by big money special interests that undermine and distort democracy – something Trump says he knows all about because of his own history as a deep pockets funder of politicians, including the Clintons.
+ The nation is in horrific shape under the rule of corrupt, dollar-drenched “free trade” Democrats and Republicans. Much of the country’s infrastructure is crumbling, for example. Urban Black America is in a terrible state whatever the skin color of the current U.S. and U.S.-born president.
+ Hillary’s done nothing, or close to it, across thirty years of not-so “public service” to protect ordinary U.S. citizens against hard times – quite the opposite in fact.
+ “Crooked Hillary” Clinton is backed by super-wealthy financial elites who reasonably expect her do their bidding even as she deceptively claims to want to serve the people against the wealthy Few.
+ Hillary talks like a friend of working class folks on the campaign trail but tells elite backers behind closed doors that her actual and “private” positions on policy are often quite different and more Establishment-friendly than her (vote-seeking) “public” positions.
+ Hillary holds much of the nation’s white working and middle class populace in sheer aristocratic contempt, calling many such people “deplorable” and “irredeemable.”
+ The corrupt Goldman Sachs-backed Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee used dirty tricks to undermine and defeat Bernie Sanders.
+ Hillary ran a corrupt “pay nfor play” game with foreign and multinational nations and investors through the Clinton Foundation during her time atop the U.S. State Department.
+ Hillary “Queen of Chaos” Clinton (she of the leading U.S. ruling class think-tank The Council on Foreign Relations) has been a recklessly imperial foreign policy disaster, from her support for the disastrous regime-changing invasion of Iraq, her leading of the charge for calamitous regime change in Libya, her determined advance of blood, regime-changing (she hopes) madness in Syria, her (and Obama’s) advance of the Islamic State, and her heedless upping of the ante of geopolitical confrontation with nuclear Russia in Eastern Europe and Syria.
+ S. policymakers who were serious about wanting to defeat the Islamic State and other barbarian, radical-Islamist jihadists in the Middle East would step back from their saber-rattling against Russia and Syria, both of whom are dedicated to “crushing ISIS.”

That is, they're positions favored by the Real Right, the alt-right, the traditional right, or whatever you want to call it. The patriotic groups who think that the government of a nation should put the interests of that nation and its citizens first. This is in sharp contrast to the neocons who support Hillary, who are not patriotic, supporting as they do stupid self-defeating wars around the world and especially in the Middle East, and open borders and unlimited immigration from the Third World.

So maybe there's some truth to the notion that far left and far right are somewhat congruent, tho maybe it has more to do with defining left and right. Mr. Street, of course, calls neocons rightists while I consider them leftists. He thinks of international mercantile globalism as some sort of rightist phenomenon, while to me, it's just the latest stage of leftism/Marxism, which was never about liberating anybody, but, as in Animal Farm, replacing one set of pigs with another.

There are lots of reasons for all of us, left and right and middle, to support Trump over Hillary, but to me the most important reason is a simple one: Hillary seems determined to stir up as much trouble as possible with Russia, which could lead to war. She, of course, has no sons or anybody else she cares about who might be called up for such a war, and Lord knows she doesn't care about run of the mill military personnel. Nothing but contempt for them. She is reputed to have talked Bill into our intervention in Serbia, which helped produce a new Islamic state in Europe (Kosovo) [link]. Just what Europe needs, eh? And of course the Libyan catastrophe was her idea, completely destablizing that country and result in multitudes of refugees pouring out of it into Europe — not into Kosovo, of course, but into Christian nations.

In short, Hillary is a warmonger. She'll get a lot of people killed.

Trump, on the other hand, said:

"I think it would be great if we got along with Russia because we could fight ISIS together, as an example. But I don’t know Putin."


“I don't like Assad at all, but Assad is killing ISIS. Russia is killing ISIS and Iran is killing ISIS,”

In other words, let's keep our noses out of it and let some other countries wipe ISIS out for us, because it's in their interest to do so.

Hillary wants war, Trump doesn't. That's enough to make me vote for Trump.
Quibcag: Again, the net is full of anime girls in Trump hats.

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