Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Wrong Bar

Every town has a "wrong bar," the one you don't go to, because the disadvantages — just plain danger — outweigh the advantages. Stay out of there, kid. And planets have a "wrong place," a location completely without redeeming characteristics, where it's stupid to go.

We have one, called the "Middle East." It's been occupied/conquered over and over again, first by Alexander the Great, who died there, I believe, later by Rome, Byzantium, various Mongols, the Brits, the  Russians, and us. All driven out, one way or the other.

And, of course, we're making plans to spend more time, money, and lives there.

I'm hoping that Trump understands that the place is a snake pit to be avoided.

It's pretty clear that Clinton doesn't understand it.

Can you think of any reason why we should care which caprophile runs which acre of desert over there? Me neither.

Jim Goad on the subject:

The Day America Stumbled

Yesterday morning in Manhattan while attending memorial services for the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11, Hillary Clinton left prematurely and stumbled while multiple handlers attempted to gently shove her into a sleek black escape van.
Her campaign initially blamed it on Clinton being “overheated,” even though it was only about 70 degrees in Manhattan at 9:30AM when she slumped and fell. But if she nearly fainted at that temperature, what’s clear is that she can’t take much heat. Clinton looked sickly and helpless at a time when she needed to appear commanding and in control.
Clinton’s tumble happened almost fifteen years to the minute of the four September 11 attacks, which occurred from 8:46AM to 10:03AM in 2001.
At the moment she slipped and slid into her bodyguards’ arms, I was boarding a plane at LaGuardia Airport heading back to Atlanta. I was more than a wee bit skittish at the prospect of having to fly a plane out of New York City on the 15th anniversary of 9/11.
I’d been in New York for a few days filming scenes for an autobiographical video series starring Gavin McInnes. I played the leader of a skinhead gang who chased down and beat up a young beardless punk-rock Gavin.
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  1. Actually, if we could get the environmentalists to stop complaining about fracking and claiming it causes Earthquakes, we could nuke it from orbit for the Fourth of July and the only ones that would care are the fleas.

  2. "America first stumbled" in 1776. Many falls since and only the natural resources of a new continent sustained its downhill slide. End America, end Democracy, the offshore enemy of Europe and the demon of our age.