Monday, September 26, 2016

Podhoretz versus Podhoretz

Currently Hillary is trying to make a case for Trump being pro-Putin and pro-Russian.Why this is supposed to be so condemning is beyond me. Russia is not communist any more, nor is Putin. He's a rough-and-ready leader of a country that's trying to develop a democratic system, true, but that's the case or worse with most countries these days, if you'll notice.

So there has to be another reason for John Podhoretz's refusal to endorse Trump. I really doubt that Hillary is stupid enough to turn her back on Israel and even think about going it on her own. She knows which side of the bread is buttered on.

Trump, on the other hand, I'd think is more dangerous to the Israel Lobby, as he's made it clear for some time now that he's America First in his inclinations.

But, since it's all within the Podhoretz family, it's beyond me. It may have to do with traumatic potty-training for all I know.

I love Glaivester's cartoons. They're so straightforward and unambiguous. And they tell you all about the Podhoretz controversy. This is a post from:

Norman Podhoretz Endorses Trump

Norman Podhoretz recently said he is voting for Trump because he is better for Israel.

However, his son John Podhoretz has not endorsed Trump.

A scene at the Podhoretz household (note that little Johnny hates Russia so much that he has developed an aversion to the animal associated with them; he has even ripped an arm off of his teddy bear):
Me, again....
Could Hillary really be bad for Israel? It's conceivable, and some say that our recent one-termers — Carter and old Bush — plus Nixon, were knocked out of office because Israel judged them disadvantageous for the Jewish State. Hillary is certainly arrogant enough to put herself ahead of Israel, but is she stupid enough?

In other news, Scott Adams has switched his endorsement from Hillary to Trump because Hillary wants to take everybody's money and Trump doesn't and is all-around more upbeat. Also because Hillary seems sick, physically and mentally, Trump paces and leads, and is a master persuader, and That sort of thing is opaque to Hillary. Scott's site is here:

Quibcag: Illustrated by the delightful Marii Buratei of Joshiraku (じょしらく).


  1. I'd like to pick up one Podhoretz and use him to beat both of them to death.

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  3. Trump, on the other hand, I'd think is more dangerous to the Israel Lobby, as he's made it clear for some time now that he's America First in his inclinations.

    Why do people believe this storyline when every indication is that it is absolutely false? Trump will suck up to Israel as much, if not more, than Hillary. He already has. He is surrounded by jes in work, politics and especially family.

    He is the Likudnik candidate, for heaven's sake.

    1. You could be right, alas. But we know Hillary's in their corner.

    2. We know Trump is as much, if not more, in their corner. It is glaringly obvious, no matter how much people try so desperately to ignore it.

  4. Amen, brudda. O'er-the-Hillary is just a bloody joke: she has a special place in Hell with Satan -IF- she doesnt ask for forgiveness which I seriously doubt she will before death.

    C'est la guerre.

    Jesus sez only a few shall make Seventh-Heaven, brudda, and it looks as if she aint. Not us, dude...

    Meet me Upstairs.
    Let's getta Big-Ol beer...
    shoot-the-shit, cut-the-crap.
    Cya soon.