Friday, July 8, 2016

The Dallas Massacre

Well, the news channels can't talk about anything else today, but I can't help suspecting that many of the talking heads are happy that they have something to talk about other than Crooked Hillary.

The party line, of course, is that all this was caused by the "availability of guns," and we'll be hearing more and more about that soon.

The other cause that it's politically correct to point out is "divisiveness." Even the Trumpster wandered into that one. Oh, it's true enough that Obama and his minions have exacerbated the divisiveness — that is, the Black-White distrust — by blaming Whitey for everything, and essentially giving permission for Black rioting and even massacres like this one.

And how about the cuck Governor of Minnesota, eh? He chimed in with Obama and his ilk to blame his own cops for being "racist," and helping touch off the Dallas incident. NBC News [link] says:

An "appalled" Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton said Thursday that police wouldn't have shot and killed Philando Castile if he'd been white and called for justice "with the greatest sense of time urgency."

Lucky Minnesota. They don't have to waste taxpayers' money on trials. Their government can do the trying and convicting all by himself.If I were a Minnesotan, I think I'd be lobbying for an impeachment right now.

By the way, if you can't seem to find an actual picture of the murderer, since who cares what his race is? — certainly not the media — you can go to the Daily Mail [link] to see what he looks like.

Cause? Are we still interested in the cause? Well, other than Obama',s explanation about how guns jump up and kill people automatically, and the "divisiveness" excuse which is no doubt all Whitey's fault, especially Trump's, there's an explanation that everybody wants to avoid, but which Michon James pushes into our face in the quibcag — diversity. Diversity, you see, leads to divisiveness, because people who differ meaningfully from one another tend, logically, not to trust one another. As Matt Bailey puts it in the second quibcag, it's not always complex ideology that separates ethnic groups, but simple, mundane behavior. Different lifestyles and behaviors can really be divisive and annoying, and even trivial differences can lead to real and imagined conflicts that can end up violently. After hundreds of years of quite close association, Black and White Americans are still prone to mutual revulsion and conflict, but brilliant leaders like Hillary assure us that we can also take on a few million Middle Eastern Muslims, not to mention some more Africans and all kinds of people from Latin America and rainbows and unicorns will result.

So now I'm transferring you to Steve Sailer over at the Unz Review. Steve just says a little about this incident, but after you read his piece, go on to the comments on it, which, as usual, are some of the best comments on the net:

11 Cops Shot at Black Lives Matter Protest in Dallas
Keep reading here:

And if you think you can take it, here's a relevant George Trosley [link] cartoon:

Quibcasg: The girl who has jumped off a building and broken her legs is Asuka of Neon Genesis Evangelion (Japanese新世紀エヴァンゲリオン HepburnShin Seiki Evangerion?, literally "Gospel of a New Century"), drawn by castsandfeet. In the second, I don't know the provenance of the illustration, but I found it here:


  1. I do hope that people keep in mind that it's the police that enforce all the horrible laws that disarm the public, enforce public housing, forbid free association, & so forth. BLM may be terrorists, but the police are, too - and much better armed ones.

    1. Thank you, Emily C., for proving that you're a complete imbecile. No, dumb bitch, the handful of *questionable* acts by police officers each year doesn't compare to the *fact* that blacks are only 13% of the total US population but commit 50-60% of all violent crime. Every year. Year in, year out. You're an idiot. STFU.

    2. If Giuliani was mayor over there in Dallas this would not have happened.

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