Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fascism is a tool

This is one of the numerous entries on Facebook by Curt Doolittlemany of which I've reprinted here as posts. I've pointed out before that libertarianism is a great critique, but not a plan of action by any means. It can act as a curb on other plans of action, which are legitimate as such. Libertarianism has often been characterized as "Marxism of the right," and properly so. It has little to say about the practicalities of living in a world that isn't libertarian at all, and presumes a sudden, inexplicable cooperative libertarianism on the part of everybody as soon as they get the word. That isn't how human being operate. And, as Marxism doesn't say much about the realities of statecraft, and doesn't include predictions about Stalin, Mao, or Pol Pot, libertarianism doesn't address the realities of maintaining a free nation in a world of unfreedom without violating the NAP or ZAP or whatever, and it even seems to have gotten ambiguous about the cake-baking controversy of late.

So if libertarianism isn't the full answer, what is? For all the bad press it's gotten for, well, almost a century now, fascism certainly comes closer than communism or it's pale imitation, liberalism, which currently manifests as a free-trade, screw-the-working-class, anti-patriotic, anti-nationalist, multiculturalist, anti-traditionalist, diversity-obsessed globalism that the Brits have, to their credit, rejected at the ballot box and made their escape from the Brussels bureaucrats.

One more thing: when I started reading Curt's piece, I soon began to expect it to end with an attribution to Ezra Pound. I know that very few people these days have even read Pound's poetry, much less his essays, but take my word for it — this reads very much like one of the latter, both with respect to its subject matter and position taken and to its style and rhythm, with its quirky use of punctuation and its machine-gun delivery.

--Liberty/Market, Fascism/Mar, Law/Culture--

The Communist threat was enormous.

Given the asymmetric value of oppy.costs, NOT ACTING in era of change is expensive.

So taking early initiative or waiting is a question of forecast costs.

And fascism was an answer to acting early.

A condition of liberty is the consequence of the nearly universal suppression of parasitism.

But just as soldiers compete, norms compete, and markets compete: *Rock-Paper-Scissors applies*.

One cannot fight soldiers with markets: Rock-Paper-Scissors. There is no steady state in econ or out.

There is no permanent condition of liberty possible any more than is a permanent condition of war.

Rock paper scissors: Liberty/Market, Fascism/War, Law/Culture.

Simple people use simple models. But while simple people use simple models it is up to us to explain the much more complicated world.

And that most complicated world consists not of steady states,but of supply,demand,rents,and shocks.

Facism is not a model, it is a tool with which we seek the optimum state of liberty, law, peace.

Monopoly institutions are not a steady state but a means of paying for the suppression of local rent.

Rule of law is not a steady state but a tool for the suppression of innovations in parasitism.

That we have yet failed to create an institution for suppressing centralized rents is just a failure.

Anarchism cannot do this, so the alternative is market production of commons.

Because commons are necessary even for the production of property rights, rule of law and territory.

And surprisingly, it turns out that commons free of privatization, are devastatingly competitive.
Quibcag: Again we have one of those K-On! (けいおん! Keion!) girls. They somehow make wonderful fascism symbols.


  1. We used to have this one institution that could act without using any overt force, but severe ostracism: The Church.

    If you are acting badly because of greed or being unjust, you would risk excommunication at worst but if nothing else a lot of "you know who" sermons. The Churches were their own community. Sometimes Business men would not being that horrid monster who runs the mill, but more often they preferred being part of the community. The church always saw excessive wealth disparity as evil - at least when it wasn't accompanied by hard work v.s. indolence.

    Even without specific preaching, people know the Natural Law as it is written in their hearts. Hillary and Heidi (Cruz) didn't build or earn their fortunes. Trump and his family did. Steve Jobs was a genius savant. Tim Cook is a pretentious clown that has run out of script.

    There are 3 levels of war, Physical, Mental, and Moral. The latter is where we need to fight but we can't because although "separation of church and state" is a virtue, it needs the fenceposts to constrain a very small state and very large Church.

    When you depend on "welfare" from the Church - which can make demands - you will act differently.

    But by constraining the church, there can be no Patriotism or Nationalism. Those are spiritual qualities. The Pulpit can incite men to war. Rich capitalists fearing for their safety can't. That is why the NeoCons have co-opted the Evangelicals.

  2. Fascism is the only cure for Communism. The Left's antipathy and constant whine about Fascism being bad, is because it is the only system that killed Communism and Marxism in the 20th Century. Everyone gets told how evil Hitler and the Axis was for the Holocaust, but the even worse Holodomor done by Stalin is remarkably overlooked by the "Official" History. Also the firebombing of Dresden and Tokyo, plus the purposeful targeting of civilian centers by the Allies by "Bomber" Harris, a genocidal maniac, is also casually overlooked.
    Get used to fascism. Its the future. After having gone so far left, The Far Right is all that is left to get to anymore. Politics is circular. Go continually Left and you end up at the Far Right. What goes around comes around.