Thursday, June 30, 2016


Ever since the Civil War, some White people have devoted themselves to uplifting the Black race in America. Sometimes it's official government policy, as it was during Reconstruction, on and off later, until the Sixties, when it became permanent government policy. And during all this, even before the Civil War, White individuals and organizations have worked feverishly to uplift Blacks in every way conceivable. All this uplifting consisted of education, especially literacy education, the inculcation of moral codes intended to lead to prosperity and stability, and just about anything any White person ever thought would be good for Blacks. Another technique has been to give things to Blacks that they can't earn for themselves, in hopes that such awards would kick-start their own ambition and determination to one day be able to earn such things for themselves, without the necessity of handouts. A more subtle form of this, called "Affirmative Action," wherein Blacks are given "extra points" for being Black, in order to qualify for admission to educational institutions, grants, and jobs they wouldn't qualify for otherwise.

Unfortunately, all that doesn't seem to have been enough. American Blacks may well be less literate on average now than they were in 1865.

In the following guest post, Armin Hale discusses the idea of uplifting others, and how best to do it:
There is no inherent problem in talking about uplifting others. And if they *genuinely* can be uplifted this will probably be worth doing. As I pointed out in a previous post, even though it would necessarily reduce the *relative* status of the dominant group (in this case white males) it may be worth it if it reduces envy, tension, conflict, and strife.

But the social justice version of this is parasitic and unsustainable.

They start by PRESUMING that all people are actually equal (which is a lie.)

Then they PRESUME (that every example of inequality is explicable by "oppression" (which is also a lie.)

Then they presume that by badgering, shaming, and bullying, they can induce whites, or males, to transfer wealth, privilege, and power to underperforming groups in exchange for nothing.

But these transfers will be required forever to maintain the charade, because people actually are not equal. And these transfers will have to increase in scale and expense, because when the weak and inferior are allowed to feast on the plundered booty of their bettors, over time, you get fewer of the latter, and more of the former.

The narrative on this is exactly backwards. In the mid 20th century, which I think we can all agree was way more racist than now, the USA was almost 90% white, less than 10% black. The narrative which basically posits that those 90% were living high and living easy on the backs of those 10% is laughable. The math just doesn't work out. White privilege isn't built on the blood, sweat, and tears, of exploited blacks. They largely do have to be excluded, but that is for the simple reason that TOO MANY OF THEM ABUSE THE PRIVILEGE. If you take a fragile, advanced, civilization and just let what in many cases amount to little more than jungle savages run amok, they break things. And you only have to look at Detroit, Newark, Gary, Atlanta, or any number of other places to see that this is the case. Racism is not what produces white privilege. We produce privilege ourselves. Racism is just a defense mechanism.

Now, Europeans weren't always civilized. So it's possible that by similar means, Africans could be too. And those means are principally, eugenic reproductive practices (for example, the nuclear family once imposed the restrain of financial independence prior to reproduction) and aggressive suppression of the criminal classes (in medieval Europe, something like 1-2% of the population was hung, beheaded, burned, or otherwise executed each year.)

So yeah, perhaps they can be uplifted, and this may be worth doing, but it's not going to be easy, and it's not going to be quick (in our case it took hundreds if not thousands of years.)

What the SJWs do is try to lie their way to a shortcut, but that only moves us in the opposite direction, and that only makes what is necessary all the more severe. People are getting wise to the lies, and the reaction is brewing.


  1. Although there was Jim Crow, we also had good factory jobs, especially up North, and Blacks lifted themselves out of poverty if they wanted by copying the white, middle class, nuclear family. They were Leave it to Beaver and Ozzie and Harriet.

    By the end of the 1960s and early 1970s, something was perverted, from attempting to remove the final obstacles, or give them a small boost to get on the plateau, to leaving them in the valley but making excuses for why they would never get to the plateau and even denying the existence of the higher standard - to be judged on the content of their character - that most were already meeting.

    What now needs to be uplifted is the content of their character. And we deny what uplifted our own, albeit often in the breach rather than the observance: Christ and his commandments. There can be no secular Christendom because only in Christ is both the standard and the power to live up to it.

  2. None of you understand savages. They don't work or care about the future. They are stuck on stupid in The Stone Age. Why uplift them? What the fuck are they to me? I don't owe them anything.
    Savages are either at your throat or at your feet, there is no in between. They either bow low to you or try to kill you. their tiny brains are too small to understand cooperation or the benefits of hard work. They see kindness as a weakness. They are not demanding reparations, cause nothing actually happened to them. They are demanding tribute. They do not want some, they want it all. Their demands will escalate until they are brought low to their natural inferior position. They have done nothing with their lives and never will. Their ancestors were just as dumb and shiftless as they were. Even during segregation they acted like wild animals. They were simply kept apart for the safety of Whites.
    I owe them nothing. They hate me not for slavery, or segregation or apartheid. I nor my ancestors participated in these things. They hate me for not being black. They are merely dumb animals to me. They have a simple choice. LEAVE OR BE REMOVED. I HAVE LITTLE PATIENCE FOR THEIR SHUCKING AND JIVING. BEGONE AND NEVER DARKEN OUR LANDS AGAIN.

  3. I tend to agree with the previous comment. He seems to be putting the basic idea into clear English.

  4. The core essay of this blog that describes the problem and does a very good job in bringing clarity to the issue. It certainly describes well what I have seen in reality

  5. My impression about this subject began early in life. One thing was when blacks began to move into Newark NJ and my grandparents donated all their property there to the city. They knew automatically that once blacks start moving in it is time to move out. The other impression I had from from conversations I had with a neighbor, John Factor. He had donated a million dollars to some black community center. That was in those days when a million dollars was really a million dollars. He told me, "They never even said 'thank you.'"

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