Sunday, June 5, 2016

Even Ex-Army Nods

Ex-Army screwed the pooch. I should know by now that subtlety doesn't work on the net. Irony doesn't work on the net. Hardly anything ever works except flat-out clear unambiguous statements.

The instant I try to get cute, or ironic, I automatically fail to communicate with many people, who of course understand the literal, overt message that seems to be there, and miss the subtext, or whatever you want to call it. Reading between the lines might work in a slower, cooler medium, but nobody has time for that on the net, alas.

Anyhow, in a post I just spread around [link], a partial reprint from a libertarian site criticizing the nomination of Johnson and Weld, I made the mistake of preparing a quibcag using a quote from that site, which, to a casual reader, sounds anti-Trump. It's not anti-Trump, but it sounds that way at first glance to a quick reader who's used to fast sound bites and slogans. It's entirely my fault for not realizing it would be taken that way.  One person took it to mean I was a Cruz supporter, and another that I was some kind of Democrat. In both cases, it was my mistake and not theirs. Communicating on the net is an entirely different matter than other kinds of communicating, and I should know that by now. Here's that original quibcag, and I'll print it small, so that nobody will seize on it again without taking time to reflect on it.:

See what I mean? Part of the problem is that nobody knows what the CFR is any more, so the twist at the end doesn't mean anything to most readers. The fact that Trump is the CFR's worst nightmare is an endorsement of him. CFR is BAD. Trump is GOOD!

Well, I replaced that quibcag in the original post with the one leading this post off, while keeping the same illustration, and please, if you will, alert anybody you know of that misunderstood that post to this one, and the new version of the old one. And I'll be more careful, and avoid excessive subtlety.
Quibcag: That illustration is still, of course, from Girls und Panzer (ガールズ&パンツァーGāruzu ando Pantsā).

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