Saturday, June 11, 2016

Advice for Anti-Trumpers

Giving advice to anti-Trumpers? Why would I want to do that? Well, if I thought they'd take the advice, I wouldn't dream of it. But they are definitely a know-it-all bunch, so there's no danger in giving them advice. And my advice is: Shut up and stay home.

That sounds like bad advice, until you think about it. Nothing the anti-Trumpers say or do slows Trump down at all. In fact, most of what they say and do gets more people to move into the Trump column.

When an "undecided voter" sees some yahoo on TV waving a Mexican flag and burning an American one, while he and his pals chant anti-Trump slogans, is this voter more or less inclined to vote for Trump?

And when undecided hears Hillary on TV blathering about how women are oppressed and how we have to "listen to" the complaints of Black Lives Matter, is he more or less inclined to vote for Trump, who doesn't blather nonsense like that?

And, as the quibcag says, when anti-Trumpers get all fact-checky on Trump, anybody who follows the discussion soon realizes that the anti-Trumpers are making mountains out of molehills, and begins wondering about the validity of the "facts" the anti-Trumpers like to cite.

They thought they had control of the situation when Trump made the comment about the "Mexican judge," but the more they talk about it, the more people realize that a La Raza anti-Anglo judge is damned well likely to be very biased against Trump in any lawsuit [link].

Actually, you know, the entire group of anti-Trumpers, from Hillary to the illegals to idiot talking heads on the networks to prissy Republicans like Mitt, should really shut up and stay home. Everything they say backfires on them, everything they do just makes Trump look better.

But shutting up and staying home doesn't seem to be in their skill set, so we can count on them to keep  on keeping on, and making a Trump win inevitable.
Quibcag: Anybody recognize the girl? I found her here:
A reader tells me
"The girl in your article 'Advice for Anti-Trumpers' is EllenBaker-sensei, an English teacher in a new Japanese manga-themed English text series. She's quite popular, and there's a lot of fan art of her."

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