Sunday, May 29, 2016

When Leftist Propaganda Backfires

You know what's really nice about doing this blog? Great feedback. Now, I'm light-years from the amount of feedback popular sites like Steve Sailer [link], West Hunter [link] — oh, most of the blogs on my  blogroll over there — get. But boy do I get some good feedback. For example, on that last post, commenter YIH wrote:

Also, on that page you posted, here's some food for thought:
Scroll down for the pic, that ad is being tweeted around with the hashtag #whatifwelost (WWII). A vision of a 'nazified' America - Leave it to Beaver with swastikas. Be honest, you'd be hard pressed to consider that would have been a worse outcome compared to how things are now. ''Tranny rights'' you think the Nazis would have put up with that crap? Black Lives Matter? Not to them. And think how Detroit would have fared post-war, I doubt it would look like a war zone.

And here's the pic. Can't imagine how I missed seeing it the first time around. Do follow YIH's links and read the Vox Day blog post this is from. Very insightful stuff about why this pic was created and why it was taken out of circulation.


This is an interesting phenomenon. Exactly as in the Red Skull speech from the last post, the leftist propagandist creates some sort of "satire" of right-wing opinion. He puts it out there to shock everybody and make the right wing look bad. But he inadvertently does such a good job that it makes the right wing look good. The left, you see, thinks everybody, or at least the "undecided" out there, will respond to the same button-pushing that the left responds to. The left despises and feels superior to the "suburban" sensibility the picture portrays, so they expect Joe and Jane Sixpack should react the same way, and find the Nazi symbolism even more repugnant when shown this way.

Well, no. Like Vox says, people like me, and YIH, are actually drawn to such a scene, because we like that middle-class suburban set of lifestyle values, and the picture has the opposite effect from what was intended. The leftists' problem is, they prepare such things and show them to each other, nod their little heads, and agree that they've really skewered us. That's because they're preaching to their own choir, and the propaganda just doesn't work on us "unchurched," so to speak, in their tidy little leftists paradigm.

Lesson from this? When you're trying to persuade people to your point of view, you shouldn't necessarily use methods that would persuade you. Use methods tailored to your audience.

I didn't need to prepare a quibcag for this post, so here are a couple of bonus ones:

Quibcags: The first is illustrated by a version of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu) , the second by yet another K-On! (けいおん! Keion!)  girl.


  1. Not everyone looks through rose colored synagoggles.

  2. You want to know why libertarians (and especially the Libertarian Party) are not (nor should be) taken seriously? This should help clear that up.
    SFW (I guess). Not Safe For Stomach. No one needed to see that - the human body is not always a beautiful thing.
    No, he isn't their nominee, thankfully. The late Pat Paulsen understood how to unseriously run for Prez... And did so for nearly 30 years.