Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Trump, Hillary, and the Sex Thing

Hillary Clinton, who is "gender confused" if anybody is, can't shut her yawp about the fact that she's female (technically, at least) and that we should have a female President. Just why this is, she doesn't explain. Evidently it's not because females are good at economic matters, because she tells us that she'll turn all that boring stuff over to Bill. And Hillary's pals in the media keep telling us over and over that Trump has a high disapproval rate among women. But they leave out the fact that Hillary sort of does, too, and has an even higher disapproval rate among men.

American women are being told that they just have to vote for this harpy because they're female, and men of course have to also vote for her because not to do so would just be proof that they hate women or something.

So it kind of comes down to the notion that we should elect a female President because we haven't yet. This basically only applies to Hillary (and maybe Elizabeth "I'm an Indian too" Warren [link]). Because Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann don't really count as women or something.

And all kidding aside, we really won't be stuck with Bill as "First Lady." That would be silly. With Hillary in the White House, Huma Abedin [link] will be First Lady, and Bill can pal around with Anthony. They'll probably have a lot to talk about. But more about Hillary and the sex connection from Unz Review [link]:

Clinton’s Gender Wars

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