Monday, May 30, 2016

The Self-Controlled Opposition

Most of us are aware by now of the Great Purge of the Right engineered by Wm F. Buckley before most of us were born. For whatever set of reasons he had, Buckley saw it as his mission to sanitize the Right in this country by driving out anybody who violated his standards of political correctness. This included anything and everything he considered "extreme," so there went the John Birch Society and everything like it. He decided that American right should basically accept the racial narrative of the left, so anybody who dissented from the dogma of egalitarianism had to go. Naturally, any overtly anti-Semitic rightist were taboo, and as time went on, this came to include anybody who was anything  less than a committed Zionist. Revilo Oliver, Joseph Sobran, Sam Francis, , and, finally, even Pat Buchanan were exiled for that reason. As in the French Revolution, the terror increased, until today, when Buckley's successors would certainly purge Buckley were he to somehow return.

But now, what passes for the Right, variously called the Establishment Right, Conservatism, Inc. etc., has sort of an ideological bulimia, constantly self-purging. It's like the Respectable Right (another of its names) has inserted a little commissar into all its members heads that keeps them on the approved ideological path. A situation which is, as the late, great Terry Pratchett put it in Interesting Times [link], is "better than a whip." But I like the "invisible dog fence" metaphor, too. This is from the Unz Review [link]:

The Right: Home of the Domesticated Intellectual

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