Monday, May 30, 2016

The Libertarian Party's Big Chance to Screw Things Up Even Worse

There's a lot of talk, on the net at least, about how now's the big chance for the Libertarian Party to get some real votes, what with Hillary and Trump and all. I'm afraid that the majority of the deep thinkers in the LP are very similar to the deep thinkers in the Democratic and Republican parties, in that they are completely clueless about the appeal of Trump to the American people. This is likely because the dogma in both parties is in favor of bad trade deals, US military intervention all over the world, all the time, and, of course, mass immigration of the Third World into the United States. Since all these principles are deemed righteous by the Deep Thinkers, and Trump opposes them, Trump is deemed evil, and the Deep Thinkers insist that the voters will realize that sooner or later.

Now, the Libertarian Party is for free trade, of course, which in reality translates into bad trade deals, and is more enthusiastic than the Dems and Reps, if that's even possible, about replacing Joe Sixpack with Juan and Ahmed and their extended families. So about the only dissent the libertarians really have is their alleged opposition to that universal military intervention.

But so is Trump, opposed, that is, and not in a rainbows-and-unicorns way, but in a practical and green-eyeshade way.

So if you want a little less of that crazy military stuff, now's your chance to vote for Trump and maybe get what you want. Or you can vote LP to help Hillary get elected. Because I just realized that there are political parties, and there are hobbies. The Dems and Reps are political parties, and the LP is a hobby.

This is demonstrated by this video:

which YIH brought to my attention. He wrote:

You want to know why libertarians (and especially the Libertarian Party) are not (nor should be) taken seriously? This should help clear that up.
SFW (I guess). Not Safe For Stomach. No one needed to see that - the human body is not always a beautiful thing.
No, he isn't their nominee, thankfully. The late Pat Paulsen understood how to unseriously run for Prez... And did so for nearly 30 years.
Quibcag: Wise words from Stefan Molyneux, illustrated with Marii Buratei of Joshiraku (じょしらく).


  1. The shark was jumped and it didn't violate the Non-Aggression principle.

    I was worried that the LP might do something that might actually indicate an alternative to Trump. Instead, ... I think they just insured the Constitution party will poll higher soon.

  2. There's facepalm.
    There's double and triple facepalm.
    Then there's apoplexy where you are unable to facepalm where you are locked into a mental battle between "This must be a hoax" and "This is real", with the realization that the very fact that you cannot tell is telling enough.