Monday, May 23, 2016

Progressives are White Supremacists

To those of us who operate with facts, logic, and reason, the behavior of the creatures known variously as liberals, progressives, leftists (as in the quibcag), and left-libertarians seems self-contradictory, self-destructive, and downright insane. It's only natural to expect other human beings to think somewhat like one thinks oneself, but this in not the case with that bunch. Well call them progs for short.

In the first place, they turn the ideo of ideology on its head. Ideology is supposed to be a sort of theory of all of reality as it relates to human behavior, and when you form a theory, you make it so that if fits everything you observe. And then you further test it by further observations. And if things happen that your theory doesn't explain, you then modify the theory to account for the new data, or, if the observations are too wild, you abandon the earlier theory for a better one.

Scientists once explained combustion and other things with the phlogiston theory, but the more they learned about reality, the more phlogiston seemed to be unreal, and the theory was tossed out.

In the case of Newtonian physics, things came up that it couldn't explain, but it remained a very good theory for most purposes, so instead of abandoning it, it was modified by Einstein, and it is not even more useful.

But the Prog theory doesn't explain anything, and all its predictions are wrong. And the problem is that Progs don't believe in modifying theories to accommodate facts. They believe the opposite, that facts should be modified, or ignored entirely, to accommodate theory.

Over at Alternative Right, a commenter on this post [link], explains it very well, so this is a....

Guest post by: Gubbler Chechenova 

Folks, listen up..
White Progs [Progressives] are a funny-wunny bunch.
Even though they pontificate about equality, their world-view is predicated on white superiority or at least the herculean effort on part of whites to be superior.
Progs are sort of like vegans.
Vegans won't eat meat cuz they see animals as equally precious as human lives.
But... but... but... animals kill and eat each other all the time. Animals live by feeding on other animals. And even herbivores depend on predators because, without predators, herbivores will eat up all the plants and they will die of starvation.
So, if vegans love animals so much and see them as equally precious to humans, why do they reject the animal way? The animal way is for animals to kill and eat animals. If vegans see animals as equal to humans, shouldn't humans act like animals and eat meat? If animals are so wonderful, the animal way must be wonderful.
This is where veganism gets weird. Even though veganism sees animal life as equal to human life, they believe humans must be judged by higher/superior standards. You see, animals can't help themselves since they live by beastly instinct. They are not intellectually, morally, or spiritually capable of rising above their instinct. But humans do have such ability. So, humans must rise above instinct for meat-eating and be vegans.
So, vegan view of animals as equal to humans is contradicted by vegan view that humans must be judged by higher standards since humans are SUPERIOR in intellect and soul.
Same logic applies to Progs. They see non-whites as equal to whites in worth. Therefore, non-whites should be allowed to come and live in white lands without restriction. Non-whites should use white wombs to produce non-white babies.
But Progs don't judge non-whites for their tribalism, militarism, violence, machismo, anti-gay attitudes, infantile behavior, and etc. Even though non-whites are seen as equal to whites, they are also seen as beastly folks trapped in tradition and/or instinct and cannot break out of their natural/cultural shells. So, the moral criteria that apply to whites cannot be applied to non-whites, especially savage Negroes and reactionary Muslims.
So, Progs say whites must see non-whites as equal but only whites must be judged by higher moral standards since only whites are intellectually, morally, and spiritually capable of higher ideas and values.
It's like Jesus said, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do."
Well, Jesus died in a bad way. If whites wanna go that way, they can play the Prog game and forgive non-whites who destroy white civilization for 'not knowing what they do.'
Christian Westerns rose in power and wealth because they chose to be Forgiven than to be the Forgivers. They did badass stuff to gain power and wealth and then asked forgiveness from God and Jesus.
Now, each Prog wants to play Jesus and forgive non-whites who are invading and raping the West.
Quibcag: Sick in bed with a cold is, I think, Yui, from K-On! (けいおん! Keion!) .

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