Saturday, April 9, 2016

White People Running Things

You gotta love this quote. But it needs some explication. Years ago, there was a Denver talk show host, Ken Hamblin [link], who was wont to say that if you were a young Black man, and it was your ambition to get shot, your best bet was to move to a city with a Black mayor. Statistics indicated, you see, that the more Black rule a city had, the more Black crime there ways, and, therefore, the more Black-on-Black murders took place. That's what the quote refers to, the collapse of good government, or even functional government, when nonWhites take over from Whites. This is most obvious in Africa, of course, but also is the case in American cities.

Now, I'm not ignoring the fact that sometimes White rule over nonWhites has been pretty damn nasty, as in the case of the Belgian Congo — though in that case, it can be said that the Belgians were sacking the place rather than ruling it — but by and large, White rule over Blacks has been better than Black rule over Blacks. Black Africans, after all, are doing their damnedest to get out of Black-ruled Africa and into White-Ruled Europe and America

The liberals, of course, are free to think up all kinds of intricate reasons for this phenomenon rather than the obvious one, but the can't deny that it's happening.
Quibcag: Yes, it's illustrated by those girls from K-On! (けいおん! Keion!)  again.


  1. Well, Zuckerberg would move to China if they would let him in, but they don't like him as much as likes them.

    There are a few white people who rush to live in non-white countries, but they don't complain very loudly. And, honestly, most of them are alcoholics who have failed to live up to the basic standards of whiteness.

  2. Two comments: (1) Ken Hamblin - there's a name that takes me back.. He used to send out these "Certificates of Absolution" from white guilt. I still have mine someplace officially absolving me of any and all white guilt over the condition of negroes.

    Second, with regard to the Belgian Congo, I'm not so sure as you appear to be that Leopold wasn't a net positive influence. A few years back I read a lengthy multi-part travelogue written by a young couple that had the insane idea of driving (I said it was insane didn't I?) across the Congo in a Land Cruiser. Of course there are NO roads across the Congo since the roads built by Leopold have long since been reclaimed by the jungle. The Congo is probably Africa's most savage region, immortalized by Conrad, and what civilization Leopold tried to impose has long since returned to its natural savagery. This young couple of European adventurers, a guy and girlfriend, encountered a modern day equivalent of Conrad's Heart of Darkness with cannibalism and every sort of barbarity imaginable. And this was circa 2000-2004 IIRC. We are actively planning lunar and Martian human settlement while the Congo can't manage to maintain, much less build, a road and still has human cannibalism on an ongoing basis. And you say Leopold was too tough on them? He wasn't eating them was he? How do you gently reform and civilize cannibals? We cannot judge Leopold against Geneva standards, he was trying to tame the darkest most savage place in known existence.

    1. You know, I'm pretty sure you're right. I was just flailing around for an example before the SJW's started making them up :)

  3. Stan d mute:
    That name rang a bell for me as well. He was pretty big in the 90's then seemingly vanished. So I pull up Whackopedia. Yeah, that's pretty much it. He's been off the air since '03, and now enjoying his (involuntary) retirement.
    A shining example of the rottenness of sub-Saharan Africa/Africans was demonstrated by Live Aid. Remember that? Most of us do, what most don't remember was that overall, it was Epic Fail. Geldof's foundation was transparent and clean but when those aid workers arrived in Ethiopia they were pretty much picked clean by the (then) Ethiopian government/Army. What food/medical aid that did make it through that gauntlet of looters could reasonably be fingered as contributing to a population explosion there that has, in every way, made things worse there.

  4. The Belgians killed about ten million Congelese. Not as much as
    the Jewish Bolshevists murdered but it was still genocide.