Wednesday, April 13, 2016

White Ethnomasochists, AKA Cucks, Explained by Château Heartiste

A couple of posts ago I had a piece about the Poster Boy for Ethnomasochism, Karsten Nordal Hauken [link]. Another related word for an ethnomasochist is "cuck," a shortening of "cuckservative." which means a self-proclaimed conservative who always gives in to the other side, and who accepts any and all aspects of political correctness while pretending not to. "Cuck" just generally means a White person in the West who always take the side of enemies of the West and White people, regardless of what he calls himself. As I said once before, I wanted to avoid "cuckservative" and "cuck," because of their vulgarity, but, hey, what's happening to us is vulgar, and vulgarity is called for.

And there's a lot out there on the net that tries to explain the reason these cucks, and their subgroup, cuckervatives, exist. Usually it consists of propaganda from some group or another that simply hates the White race and Western civilization and tries to talk its members into self-destruction. And such groups definitely exist. You can make a list. But why are so many of us susceptible to their persuasion? I mean, why are Japanese so resistant to being talked into hating themselves? Why are Israelis not interested in feeling bad about themselves and giving in to their enemies? Why don't you hear apologies from Muslims for their historical behavior?  Why is it just us?

Some say it's Christianity that has taught us to love our enemies. That has merit, but there are Christians that aren't White, and who don't live in the West, and they don't act that way?

Here's Château Heartiste's theory, and it's persuasive, from his blog of the same name [link]:

Niceness Will Be The Death Of The White Race

There is a theory to explain the origins of the core population of White cucks. (I use the term “cucks” in its shitlordy colloquial sense to mean White people who express more solidarity with antagonistic nonWhites than they do with their congenial racial kin.) This White cuck theory, associated with the writings of HBDChick, invokes two historical processes to account for the evolved psychological preferences of NW European Whites to feel altruistic urges and a moral duty toward strangers and particularly toward nonWhite strangers:
Basically, over a thousand-year period (or less) in the parts of Europe that today correspond to the Germanic nations, Scandinavia, and England, (aka core Europe), outbreeding (cousin marriage was prohibited by the Catholic Church) and circumstantial pressures (e.g., manorialism) that selected for more cooperative and docile individuals created a distinct type of people who are amusingly known by the acronym W.E.I.R.D.O. in social science circles — Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic, and Outbred.
I would add my personal theories to HBDchick’s emphasis on outbreeding and manorialism to explain the development of White universal altruism: the Buffer Zone Theory and The Culling. Core NW Europe, being a core, is surrounded by White nations and White tribes. Over millennia, this “ring of white” lands shielded core Europe from the worst depradations of the nonWhite world. This proto-NATO defense umbrella permitted the rapid selection for supranice Whites within the Bubblecuck region who had rarely had to confront violence on a regular basis from truly foreign-looking and -acting invaders. From other Whites, yes. But not so much from Vibrancy.
The Culling simply states that the great 20th century wars of White fratricide removed the hardiest and least cucked men from the gene pool. I don’t see how a continent’s character emerges unchanged by 80+ million premature deaths.
Whatever their provenance, altruistic WEIRDOS all have psychological traits in common, and one very noticeable commonality is their NICENESS. If you’re American, you’ll encounter this radical niceness in the Midwest and plains states, where White people of Core European lineage settled and multiplied. It’s practically the basis for the humor in the movie Fargo. Nice Germanics and Scandis and Anglos will have nary an unkind word to say about anyone, and warmly welcome any traveler who might wander into their lands. They are trusting (and trustworthy) and are just about the best kind of people to go to for a car repair, financial advice, or contract negotiation. They won’t screw you over, and they (perhaps naively) believe no one means to screw them over.
These are the people, not to put too fine a point on it, who practically built Western Civilization and modern society.
What can one possibly say about them that is less than fulsome praise? There is no end to the ways in which nice people are nicer than not-nice people…
except for one flaw in the WEIRDO algorithm.
One very big flaw.
Possibly an existential flaw that will negate every good thing achieved by these NiceWhites.
Their gullibility.
(Throw in a predilection for sanctimony, and you’ve got all the ingredients for supreme cuckitry.)
I agree with John Derbyshire that Midwestern NiceWhiteness “is America’s Achilles heel, and will bring down our civilization one day.” (the latest from John Derbyshire on that here [link]) It’s becoming more apparent that these niceguy White cucks will go to their golly gee willikers graves dispensing unreciprocated niceness on the world’s ingrate riff raff, and in their misdirected zeal to be nice to the world’s 7 billion not-nice schemers and dirty dealers, they’ll take America down with them.
The Trumpening is illustrative. Twatter renegade @Ricky_Vaughn99 compiled a list of the state-by-state share of pro-Trump vs anti-Trump White ethnic groups that can be used to predict Trump wins.
The anti-Trump NiceWhites are mostly inside-the-Hajnal, core NW European ethnicities. (Keep in mind these are the cucks who happily voted for Marco Lubio, and who love open borders nutjob John Cucksich. Ironically, fake phony fraudulent slimeball Ted Cruz is a beneficiary of cuck love. Like I said, gullible.)
The pro-Trump Whites who love his fighting spirit, properly directed decency, and straight talk are borderlands, periphery, Southern, and Central/Eastern European ethnicities. These are the Whites who get, at least on a gut level, the danger posed to survival by the mass migration of alien peoples who have nothing in common with the White-centric heritage of America.
There might be an intervention which could save NiceWhites from themselves, and thereby save America and the West: forced integration with the blessings of Diversity™. You’ll note most NiceWhites live in very White states. And most RealWhites — Whites who are less gullible about the realities of the world and who prefer Realtalk over Poopytalk — live with or near nonWhite Diversity.
The hypothetical remedial emerges: expose the NiceWhites to those vibrant characters they claim represent “who we are”, let stew for a generation or two, and voila!… hardened shitlords speaking openly about the coming RaHoWa and assuming the aliases of ancestral Viking berserkers and Visigoth barbarians.
Quibcag: I don't know who the girl is, but when you google for "anime farm girl," this is one of the first things you find.

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