Friday, April 15, 2016

The Dissident Right

That's another name for my faction. Most of the readers of this blog know very well that the cabal known as "conservatives" running the "conservative movement" and the Republican Party aren't conservative in any meaningful way at all. Basically, they're liberals, just like the people who run most of so-called "libertarianism."

Anyhow, those of us who actually are conservative, or libertarian — two groups that, in reality, overlap quite a bit — can't use those terms any more, lest people confuse us with the impostors, not to put too fine a point on it, who have usurped those names. We identify ourselves with a number of more or less equivalent terms, such as paloeoconservtive, paleolibertarian, dissident right, real right, alternative right, alt-right, national conservative, national libertarian, or the one I settled on some time back, libertarian nationalist. And I'm sure there are more that I haven't yet thought of or heard of.

To the establishment left, of course, all people or groups who are to the right of them in any way at all are identical in their simple liberal minds, and that's the way they refer to everybody from the establishment conservative movement (more accurately designated as "neoconservatives," which is misleading enough on its own), to Trump, to David Duke, to Ron Paul, to Hitler, as "bigots," "fascists," and whatever the trendy insult of the week is.

But now a book has come out that deals with those of us who are clearly rightists, but in opposition to the faux-right establishment. Paul Gottfried reviews it at the Unz Review [link]:

Academe Finally Discovers Right-Wing Critics of Conservatism Inc. Will MSM be Next?


  1. Explains why the bus has gone over the cliff since they threw the driver off.
    We are that part of the American Right which both the Republican Establishmentand neoconservative journalists have succeeded in “throwing off the bus,” as Jonah Goldberg characterized this salvific (for him) process.

  2. I should give you a heads up that I mention you in this blog post

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  3. This corruption of the term "conservative" is one of the reasons I variously refer to my political position as Southern Agrarian or Southern Nationalist.