Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dialog with an SJW who thinks he's a libertarian

Okay, setting this up. In my last post [link], which I don't think you need to read again to follow this post, but go ahead if you want to,  I used this graphic:

Anyhow, I sent the post around to various places, including Facebook, where I got this response from one of my constant critics:

SJW:  Just because someone else says something does not make it right. You love your logical fallacies.
Me:  So the Dalai Lama is wrong about this? He should be happy that the Chinese are moving into Tibet?
SJW:  Yes. This position is not couched on logic. It is couched on emotion. Much like your arguments.

Me:  You amaze me. I figured you'd argue that this is an actual invasion and not just a voluntary wave of immigration. Do you really, honestly, think that he _shouldn't_ object to what's going on?
SJW:  *facepalm* how is it an invasion? That is what people view as racist rhetoric. Trying to escape to get a better life is not an invasion. Try to think logically before speaking.
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Me: You do know that China conquered Tibet, don't you? And that the Chinese Gvt is moving those people in?
Me:  So, yes. It is a literal invasion.
SJW:  I am referring to YOU and your not so subtle comparison to American immigration. You think that we are being invaded. I am calling bullshit.
Me:   But now you've realized that Tibet was invaded, yes? And clearly, you were not referring to me, but to the Dalai Lama. Do you know who he is? Really, SJW, you need to learn a little bit about history before you make your pronouncements.
Me: At any rate, this will make a terrific blog post.
SJW:  *facepalm* you are an idiot. You need to learn to read.

Mind-boggling, eh? His attempt to pretend he was talking about me and not the Dalai Lama is especially endearing. I don't know how all these callow SJW's came into existence. I guess I blame the educators, who have taught our kids that they should express their opinions about everything, even things they know nothing about (like Tibet), and then the Lords of Libertarianism, who are steering their little movement into Cloud-Cuckoo Land, and insisting on the incorporation of all the dogma of Political Correctness into the libertarian psyche, most especially the Everybody Is Equal, Race Does Not Exist, Multicultural, Open Borders blather.

Oh, wait. SJW made one more comment:

SJW:  I will literally sh*t myself if you ever actually follow a conversation rather than make claims in a vacuum

The kid is like the poster boy for projection. This is typical of his rhetoric. Just like any other ignorant liberal, he accuses those who disagree with him of ignorance, even as he himself demonstrates profound ignorance. And, as above, he likes to claim that I make assertions in a vacuum, this right after he made his own assertion in a supervacuum that the Chinese moving into Tibet are "trying to escape to get a better life" when he doesn't even know that the Chinese took Tibet over with military force.

But fear not. The next blog post I make the kid will show up again, all fresh-faced and self-righteous and indignant, making accusations of ignorance, illogic, stupidity, inability to read, and racism.

An aside, while I'm at it. There was a little dustup on the net recently when I referred to "a SJW," and was told that I should have had "an" instead because "SJW" is pronounced "es-jay-double-yoo." And that makes sense. And then I realized that in my head, was pronouncing it "social justice warrior," and using it as an abbreviation instead of an initialism. I like these little grammatical details.
One more aside. Some correspondents have asked me if I made this dialog up as a joke. I did not. It really happened. I didn't add anything, and I didn't take anything away. The only change I made was, obviously, to change the fellow's name to "SJW" and my own to "Me." I did this in the interest of respecting his privacy, so to speak, and out of pure human decency, because, after all, he might grow up someday and I don't want this dialog to have his name on it, hanging around on the net, embarrassing the daylights out of him.


  1. Wowzers. "trying to escape to get a better life". Tibet is as destitute as most of China (the east coast is relatively prosperous) where 90% of the area and about a billion people live just as hardscrabble as they have for several millennia.
    That would be like Mexicans moving south to Central America.

    1. Yes, but SJW's are all about feelings and outrage, never facts :)