Thursday, March 10, 2016

Trumpism, Qu'est-ce que c'est?

A couple of points. Some readers are under the impression that I'm an enthusiastic follower of Trump. This has to do with the basic "black or white, no shades of gray" political world we live in these days. Oh, I'll certainly vote for Trump, with somewhat more enthusiasm than I'd vote for another Republican, for the simple reason that he might do some of the sensible things he's said, or implied, that he'll do. I'll vote for Cruz, too, just to keep the Crazy Old Lady out of the White House.

But I have no illusions that Cruz will do anything at all about the immigration crisis. He's too politically correct, and his donors don't want him to do anything about it. The same goes for Kasich, in case they somehow manage to nominate him.

But trust Trump? Hardly. I've voted for Presidential candidates for years, starting with George Wallace, but I've certainly never trusted any of them. I've just taken, each time, an educated guess as to which candidate is likely to disappoint me the least.

And in this case, let's see... I really doubt that Cruz could beat Hillary or Kerensky Sanders, what with his vaguely effeminate self-righteous personality. I think Kasich probably could, because, although he's another liberal Republican in the mold of Romney and McCain, etc., at least he has the "regular guy" image. And I think, maybe it's wishfully, that Trump can get the old Reagan Democrats out to vote for him. Seriously, I think he has a better chance of winning than Cruz does, and maybe is more likely to win than Kasich.

And while I don't trust Trump, I really don't trust Cruz. He wears his religion on both sleeves, and I can just see him reversing the few good things he's said lately about immigration because it would be heartless and unChristian yadda yadda yadda to turn away refugees, or fruit pickers, or whatever.

And I don't trust Trump to keep his word either, but I do think he has more incentive to keep his word than Cruz because, frankly, he knows that immigration is his issue, and everybody's going to be watching him like a hawk.

So most of the other blather about and by Trump doesn't mean much to me. Immigration is our existential issue, which trumps (I know) all the others.

And no matter his flaws, he at least has mentioned the damn immigration mess, which the other candidates have either stated is just peachy, or have carefully avoided mentioning at all, until Trump rubbed their noses in it.

So that's my strategy. Vote for Trump because it might work. And all this calls to mind Steve Sailer's latest post, comparing Trump not to Teddy Roosevelt, or Pat Buchanan, or Jean-Marie Le Pen, or Napoleon, but to et lille barn. You'll have to go to Steve's site [link] to get the translation.
Quibcag: The illustration is Akane Tendo, of Ranma ½ (らんま½). When you read Steve's post and get the translation, you'll understand that I needed to use a nude picture, but as this is a family blog, I chose the most tasteful one I could find in the world of Anime. I hope nobody is disappointed.

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