Monday, March 14, 2016

The only adult in the room? Not by my definition.

Marco Rubio is pretty easy to read. Just look at him. And listen. He clearly isn't very bright, and it's pretty obvious pretty fast that he's just a tool for the Establishment. He was one of the Gang of Eight, and he would carefully, as President, legalize the millions of illegals already here, and invite millions more, because that's what his handlers and donors want. Just a tool.

Cruz is more ambiguous, sometimes sounding good on immigration, but I think we can be certain that if Trump hadn't brought the issue up, Cruz never would have. He has handlers and donors, too, and they certainly don't want the stream of cheap labor to be interrupted. No, Cruz will concentrate on keeping the Establishment happy, by saying ineffectual things about abortion, taking good care of Wall Street, and keeping the war talk up in the Middle East. But Cruz is, like Rubio, pretty obvious when you take a look at him. Oh, he's way smarter than Rubio, but no more dependable, except on the issues I've mentioned.

Kasich is the scary one. He has that pleasant-homely look, kind of like Tom Hanks, that makes you think he's a regular guy, and he's gotten that nickname as the only adult in the room, because he's refrained from overt name-calling and kept his cool.

And that makes him more dangerous. He could get elected. But there are two very bad things about him — probably more, but these two are important — He wants to arm the Ukrainians, and he wants to legalize all the illegals, just like Rubio does, and thereby attract millions more.

If the arming Ukraine doesn't sound that bad to you, remember that Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, and was part of the Russian state for years before that. It's very important to Russia and Russian interests, and is and should be part of Putin's sphere of influence. Suppose we had a convulsion like the USSR did, and as a result, New England and Texas seceded. And say Texas came up with a government hostile to the USA. How would we feel about the Chinese or somebody arming Texas? Well, think about that for awhile when you think about Kasich as President. And while you're at it, remember that he's Croatian by ancestry, and consider what anti-Russian — not anti-communist, but anti-Russian — feelings he might have and if we want that kind of thinking in the oval office.

Late-breaking news! Now the mailman's son wants to shoot down Russian planes. [link] How macho of him!

And then think about his plan to legalize the millions of illegals and bring in millions more. This is from Breitbart [link]:

John Kasich Goes All In For Amnesty: Illegals ‘Made In The Image Of The Lord’

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)
’s presidential hopes diminishing as his personal demons catch up with him—from his relationship with billionaire Norman Braman to his role in pushing Obama’s amnesty—the donor class seems to be turning its eyes to John Kasich’s last stand in Ohio.

The hope seems to be that a Kasich win in Ohio will not only deny GOP frontrunner Donald Trump delegates, but will also create a new vehicle for arriving at a contested convention.
Because the Kasich campaign was largely ignored as a non-factor prior to Rubio’s polling collapse, Kasich went months with virtually no scrutiny of even his most bizarre statements on the campaign trail.
However, in recent days, Trump has increasingly set his sights on Kasich—whether it be Kasich’s role at Lehman Brothers during the time of the economic collapse, as well as Kasich’s support for NAFTA and Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement—a deal which Donald Trump and 
Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)
 have warned would destroy Ohio’s auto industry.
In particular, Trump has zeroed in on Kasich’s heretofore overlooked push for massive amnesty. Though it has transpired without much attention, Kasich has quietly amassed a string of bizarre, peculiar, and extreme statements on immigration that places him to the furthest leftward reaches of not just the Republican President field, but the Democratic Presidential field as well. This perhaps underscores an element of seriousness to Kasich’s previous declaration, which he had intended in jest: “I ought to be running in a Democrat primary.”
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  1. Kasich is doing what his donors want. He a no-chance cucker who is just trying to get Trump under 50% with Rubbing the wrong way Rubio and Vampie Squid Cruzer the Loser. If they can keep Trump under the magic number they can broker the convention and put a GOPE DOPE in to lose with diggity. Hot diggity but they are dumb. Its Trump or War baby. Don't miss the Last Helicopter out of Saigon boys, cause there won't be another one and the new ropes being sold are not for hanging clothes.