Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Non-Tread-On-Me Principle

Some "libertarian" just pulled this on me as a supposed refutation of my immigration restrictionist position. It got me to thinking. Actually, this is an excellent example of a certain kind of idiotic universalism first proclaimed in a big way by Woodrow Wilson, that says everybody wants to be just like us, and we should bomb them until they realize it. Libertarians have taken up the moronic idea that everybody who wanders into this country can hardly wait to read Atlas Shrugged and watch Firefly and turn into old-stock American libertarians overnight. Our Founders, the original libertarians, had no plans to tell other people what to do to each other. They just wanted to make it clear that other people were not to mess with us. You know, the philosophy of Bugs Bunny.

I guess it did happen that way. John Quincy Adams' original idea got boring, I guess, and we decided that instead of minding our own damn business, we'd liberate Cuba, and then tell everybody in Europe how to behave, and finally, the whole world. This attitude is dominant among liberals and neocons, of course, and now, I guess, it's contaminated libertarians, who have abandoned the old idea of keeping this country free, and mildly hoping that our example will influence foreign countries to give it a try themselves. Since libertarians oppose actually invading other countries to boss them around (so far, anyway), they've decided to invite everybody to move in here from foreign countries and make them into libertarians that way. Also having contracted severe naivety from their liberal and neocon sisters, these backasswards-crusading libertarians have convinced themselves that immigrants will automatically assimilate to their way of thinking instead of latching on to the Federal teat and turning this country into another Third World hellhole.

They are, of course, wrong. Horribly wrong. Suicidally wrong. And homicidally wrong, too, when you think about what their bright ideas do to the rest of us.

This is all an outgrowth of the already-misunderstood non-aggression principle, NAP [link], which is something people agree to, not some kind of Law of Nature (the rumble you hear is Darwin turning over in his grave). And it shows that the basic immaturity of liberalism, which is caused by never growing out of childish illusion that everybody else is Just Like You, has contaminated mainstream libertarianism.

In fact, I keep running into this phenomenon. Self-described libertarians who have internalized every liberal narrative you can imagine (usually, though not always, with the exception of hating guns and capitalism), to the extent that they call you the same names liberals call you when you try to straighten them out, which are variations on bigot, racist, hater, etc.

When you try to tell them that their whole concept of liberty and non-aggression is derived from centuries of Western Culture, they either ask you to define Western Culture or deny its existence, or cut right to the chase and call you a racist. When you tell them that immigrants tend to bring their own cultures along with them and not assimilate to ours, they have hissy-fits and accuse you of Islamophobia, just like the liberals and neocons do. Some of the more overeducated (indoctrinated) ones tell you that you're "ignorant."

I just had one of them tell me it was hypocritical of me to use Japanese art on my quibcags because I "hate all nonWhites." He concluded that I do because, I guess, I don't self-flagellate for being White myself.  I'm certainly not on record as hating anyone, much less any racial or religious categories of people, though I have expressed frustration and contempt for White liberals. I tried to explain to him that having special esteem for one's own group doesn't necessitate that you hate all other groups, but that made his little brain explode and he went away.

So, no, let's keep it don't tread on me, and let the rest of the countries of the world work out their own little destinies. Okay? Sheesh.
Quibcags: Found the girl in the first one on the net. The girls in the second one are from Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C3" (特例措置団体ステラ女学院高等科C3

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  1. Frequently we hear that the current resistance to immigration is just like the resistance to Irish, Italian, Chinese, etc… immigration in the past. This is completely wrong. In all the historic cases of immigration waves before 1965, the desire of the immigrants was to become “Americans”. Mom and dad from the old country might just speak enough English to pass the citizenship test but they made sure their kids spoke English, received an American education and got out of Little Italy, Chinatown or wherever they had been living. They might remember their heritage but they were Americans.

    The waves of modern immigrants don’t want to become Americans; they want to make America become the country they came from. You have to look no further than cities like Dearborn and Hamtramck, Michigan to see this situation. In a news documentary about the latter town, a recent immigrant was asked why he came there and his reply was that he didn’t have to learn anything new. Hamtramck was “just like his old country”.