Saturday, March 12, 2016

Social Liberalism and Dysfunctionality

I posted yesterday about the leftbertarians, AKA liberaltarians, PCtarians, and left-libertarians [link]. We on the right who consider ourselves libertarians should always make it clear that such bozos are libertarians only in the most literal, technical sense, i. e., they think they're libertarians, but most of the things they advocate are antithetical to a sustainable libertarian society, a libertarian society being a polity that makes possible a maximum of individual liberty. Libertarians often describe themselves as "fiscally conservative and socially liberal." For the most part, the "socially liberal" element is bogus, because most things that fall under that classification tend to make individuals dysfunctional. Dysfunctional individuals of course tend to take more from society — other people — than they contribute to society. Consequently, the more such individuals there are, the less possible it is to have a free society, because such individuals are super-needy, and the rest of us have to pay taxes to make up for their deficiencies. We subsidize their behavior by giving them free stuff in the form of direct welfare, education, health care, and law enforcement.

So insofar as libertarians encourage dysfunctional behavior with their "socially liberal" mantra, they encourage the growth of the state. So, regardless of their intentions, they are effectively statists, i. e., leftists or liberals, and anti-libertarian. At best, they are useful idiots for the left, at worst, they are willing allies of, or a literal branch of, the left.

Christopher Cantwell says this about the left:

"We can surely live without the left, but the left surely cannot live without us. Reality detached, welfare dependent criminal apologists cannot form a functioning society. They need a productive host for their parasitism, and to deny them that host is the equivalent of denying them oxygen. They will do as they have always done – resort to violence for their very survival – and you frankly have to be an idiot to believe anything else. They will never let us separate from them peacefully, because they would all die in our absence.

"This is why you see the violent reaction to Donald Trump. When one looks at the overall picture, he’s not even all that extreme on the issues. He is a moderate in all but his tone, but that tone is stirring the growing realization on the right that we are being weakened by an increasing number of parasitic elements in our society, and that those elements need to be stopped by force if we are to survive. That realization is a threat to the survival of the left, and it is the height of folly to expect anything other than violence from them in response."

Christopher Cantwell
Quibcag: The illustration is Ukyo Kuonji of Ranma ½ (らんま½), who, alas, is romantically somewhat dysfunctional.

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