Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Open-Borders Libertarians Again.

All over the net, lately, there are scads of flaky libertarians assuring me that open borders are an absolute must. They say that all human beings have an inherent right to travel anywhere they like, except onto private property, and that therefore they have a right to go to any country at all in the world. They assume that any part of a country that isn't actually owned by a private person is fair game for anybody on the planet, and that it's therefore immoral to have national borders, let alone keep foreigners from crossing them. And if you argue with them, they call you a statist, or a collectivist, or a racist.

A little thinking makes it clear that such a principle is absolutely self-destructive for any country. And for all of history, all countries have realized that, and have therefore, one way or another, at least tried to specify their borders and control who does and does not cross them.

But flaky libertarians know better, and assure me that it'll all work out, and that if China decides to ship a couple hundred million of their least-desired citizens over here, we have no right to tel them they can't, and that such immigrants will fit right in an become good Americans who would never dream of interfering with our freedoms in any way. The same goes for Muslims, Africans, whoever.

One such libertarian told me that we don't have to worry about what the immigrants do, because if they do anything to take our freedoms away, we can just shoot them.

Open-borders libertarians are, of course, nothing more than useful idiots for the liberal/neocon establishment. I think that's clear as a bell, but I can't seem to get that through their heads. Any suggestions?
Quibcag: Illustrated by Himeko of Sket Dance, スケット・ダンス, because she's a survivor.


  1. I think we may have to face the possibility many "libertarians" are about as libertarian as neo-cons are conservative.