Saturday, March 12, 2016

Neocons Kowtow to Leftist Violence

All over the net you can find leftists boasting about how they shut down Trump rallies with violence. They feel perfectly justified in physically attacking people they don't agree with. Such leftists are the scum of the earth. Elsewhere we find people who, while not actually participating in the violence, are quick to absolve the rioters and put the blame on Trump and his supporters. They say that they deserve it because Trump preaches hate. They of course can't give any examples of this, because they simply define any disagreement with their own agenda as "hate."

And I'm not just talking about self-identified leftists, here. I'm talking about Cruz and Rubio and Kasich, all of whom have blamed Trump and his supporters for the violence. They seem to agree that it's okay for leftist thugs to attack you if you offend them with what you say.

And of course most of the media agree with the politicians that blaming the victim is the way to go. Some details here [link].

At Unca Bob's Treehouse [link], Bob Wallace analyzes it all this way:

The More You Leftist Morons Brawl at Trump Rallies the More People Are Going to Vote for Trump

“Suck it long! And suck it hard!” - Sean ConneryI've seen people give the Nazi salute to Trump supporters (by the way, it's really the Roman salute. That's how old it is).
I've seen them dressed as Nazis on TV, mocking Trump.
And now they're starting brawls at Trump rallies.
Go ahead, morons, er, I mean Marxists. Keep it up.
The more they attack Trump, and the more people see it on TV, the more people are going to vote for Trump.
Muslims against Trump? Blacks starting brawls? Leftists trying to shut down Trump rallies? Good! Because people are going to see it on TV and think, "This is the kind of anti-American trash that hates him?" And then they're going to vote for him.
I actually know some hardcore leftists. Their minds ain't right. They're bullies and cowards (same thing). They think they have the right to physically attack people but people aren't supposed to attack them.
When I was a teenager I saw Richard Nixon take 49 states and George McGovern take one. I wouldn't be surprised for Trump to take 49.
Do these people think their physical attacks are going to turn people against Trump? Or are they so obsessed with self-congratulation it overcomes the tiny bit of common sense they have?
If I was Trump I would let a few of these morons into my rallies and then make sure there were a dozen cameras on them, to catch what they started.
Actually I think that's his plan.
Let these fools cut their own throats.
And I will continue smiling.

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