Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Nationalism, Racism, Xenophobia, and Cute Anime Girls

The leftist mind is a fascinatingly confused and seething thing. On thing that my SJW critics have come up with lately is what they consider the "paradox" or "hypocrisy" of my using all these cute anime Japanese girls in my "racist," "bigoted," "xenophobic" quibcags. They get the adjectives from the fact that I'm an immigration restrictionist and my bizarre notions that nations are made up of more or less homogenous people and that, for the most part, that works a lot better than hodgepodge collections of "diverse," mutually-hostile ethnic groups.

Well, no. Thinking that nations are the "wealth of mankind," as Shozhenitsyn put it, and that diversity means respecting and preserving differences and keeping them from destroying each other is not xenophobic or any other of those adjectives. I respect Japan something fierce, for example, and wouldn't dream of telling them how they ought to live and organize themselves. This puts me in contrast to practically everybody else these days, from liberals to neocons to left-libertarians, who in their universalist frenzy, want us to tell the rest of mankind how to live and explain to them what they need whether they want it or not.

And, when you think about it, my use of these anime cuties is perfectly appropriate, because my concept of nationhood is very much like the Japanese notion, and, rather than wanting to tell the Japanese how to live, I'm inclined to think we could learn a lot from them about how we should be living in certain respects.

And the Ann Coulter quote is very appropriate here. Someone said somewhere that in Japan, everybody, from the Emperor to the garbage collectors, is patriotic and considers the interests of the Japanese people as a whole to trump (heh!) the interests of mankind in general. This explains why the Japanese admit hardly any immigrants, and the ones they do are considered to be a plus for Japan, and  that's the only reason they're allowed in. That's exactly how we should be operating.

This does not mean, I hasten to assure the earnest little SJW's out there, any kind of conflict between nations, but rather a healthy competition between them. Just as the best way for individuals to behave is to take care of their own interests while respecting the rights of others —surely libertarians have heard of that concept — that's also a good rule of thumb for the nations of the world.

The irony of it all is that when my critics say that it's "wrong" of me to use material produced by nonWhite people (Japanese) to further my agenda in opposition to nonWhite people, I'm sure the Japanese wouldn't know what they're talking about, because I'm clearly not opposed to nonWhite people any more than the Japanese are opposed to White people. Only White liberals could read anything like that into what I say, because to them, any attitude other than self-hatred on the part of White people is equivalent to hatred for nonWhite people.

I don't think any other races have the equivalent of self-hating White liberals. I doubt that any other races would put up with such people for a minute.

One of my first epiphanies about White liberals took place in the Army almost half a century ago. This White guy just felt he had to go on to one of the Black guys in our unit about how beautiful Diahann Carol was. The Black guy listened politely, and after the White guy left the room, his eyes met mine and we both nodded in complete understanding. He considered the White liberal a cringing, paternalistic, posing idiot just as I did. He knew I was a sort of non-hostile separatist and respected it as making sense. Of course this was back in the day when people listened to Malcolm X instead of just worshipping him.

Since that time, the cringing, paternalistic, posing idiot template has pretty much taken over with liberals, neocons, and, alas, most libertarians. Most normal people of all races are pretty tired of people like that, which is why Trump is going to win big today, with more minority support than the cringing White liberals expect.

Meanwhile, enjoy the cute anime girls, and listen to their wisdom.

Here's Ann's original tweet:
Imagine a political candidate in Japan calling Japanese "racist"; bragging about support from non-Japanese & attacking Japanese history.
Quibcag: This is Marii Buratei, again, who, despite her hair color, is 100% Japanese. She's from Joshiraku (じょしらく).


  1. Your Quibcag girls?

    Sure look like round-eyed non-Asian toons to me. That's not being raciss, they're just not Oriental looking.

  2. That's the funny part about Anime. If you really get into it, you'll learn that in some versions by some artists, the characters look a _little_ more Japanese than most, but yes, the default Anime character does look Caucasian. And when they _do_ intentionally do, say, American characters, they tend to be bigger and more freckled and pushy :)