Friday, March 11, 2016

More on the Trumpening

I confess that I skipped last night's debate. I figured that if anything strange happened I'd hear about it this morning. And evidently it was a relatively bland debate. And it looks like the Establishment Republicans are really losing control of things. Now even Ben Carson, who may be the Fred Rogers of politics in that he's calm, slow-talking, benign, and universally loved and respected, has broken ranks and endorsed Trump. I didn't see that coming.

So what's the appeal of Trump? This has all been said before, by me and others, but voters are really sick and tired of Republican business as usual, which mostly amounts to saying vague things in opposition to abortion (saying, not doing), and then capitulating to Democrats on practically all issues.

They're tired of Democrats-lite, in the form of Romneys and McCains. They voted for Bush twice, and got the mortgage meltdown, an attempt to give amnesty to millions of illegals, and pointless wars in the Middle East. And they all have a sneaking suspicion that they'd get the same betrayal from a Cruz, Rubio, or Kasich administration. And they're almost certainly right.

And the Democrats among the voters, many of them, are realizing that the Democratic party long ago abandoned the working class, in favor of the neoliberal practice of shipping jobs overseas and union-busting by bringing in millions of immigrants, legal and illegal, to drive wages down so their rich donors can get cheap labor.

And they see that none of the candidates, except for Trump, has any plan at all to change the trend. Here's what Bob Wallace has to say, over at Unca Bob's Treehouse [link]:

I Certainly Do Understand the Appeal of Trump

The myth is that all of Trump's supporters are angry, hostile underemployed and unemployed white men. There is some truth to that. And they have reason to be angry and hostile. Their $50,000 a year has turned into $15,000 - and all of that decline is the government's fault (these 105 IQ people are not going to retrain for jobs which are not there).

One TV I saw some stupid black guy protesting at a Trump rally. He was punched by what were clearly some blue-collar men. You don't see these men protesting about buffoons like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (who should be in prison).

Did this 85 IQ moron really think a drunken lesbian and a Jewish socialist are for him? Do all those 89 IQ Mexicans think they are, too?

But there are also those highly-educated, high-income people who lost their jobs to foreigners whom Americans had to train to replace them (this should be illegal).

And if one of these men goes into work with a pistol and blows away his CEO and board of directos and a bunch of his replacements, I'll find him not guilty if I am on the jury.

When you put together all those who have been screwed over by the government, you're probably looking at 150 million people.

All those billionaires running vicious attacks ads against Trump are those who want illegal alien Mexicans to work at their plants for minimum wage instead of having to pay Americans $15 an hour.

It's got to the point it's a war of Americans against those who want to exploit them, and have been for 40 years. It's why I say the government (and those made wealthy by the government) have been pissing on this country for those 40 years and telling us it's raining lemonade.

The middle class is being shot to hell, and the government isn't doing a damn thing about it. Every one of those people is a potential Trump supporter.

I was in my hometown recently. It was shocking. It's a middle class city (supposedly) but the number of middle class houses I saw sitting empty...a few hundred out of a city with 30,000 people. Nice houses, too.

My hometown has lost 40% of its population in the last 40 years and the steel mill (the main employer in town) is on the verge of going under. Why? Chinese imports - which are inferior to American steel (and China is in big trouble because of its economy).

The U.S. government is supposed to be on the side of the American people. It's not. It's against them.

And that explains the appeal of Trump.

The exploiters and traitors can run all the vicious attacks ads against Trump all they want. No one is listening to them. And they will never, ever figure out why.
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  1. Here is what I said at the Treehouse:

    The attacks are coming are coming from two quarters.

    1) The Neo-Cons who are for outsourcing not to mention going into other countries, wrecking them, then taking in refugees to depress wages. Oh yeh, all for amnesty of illegals.

    2) The Neo-Libs just as non-caring as the first group. Sees two angry guys, one black the other White, who lost their jobs and can't find another. For the first one, they pontificate about slavery, legacy of "racism", and whatever else. For the second, they mock as angry White men full of "White privilege" (which doesn't exist) and go ba ha ha.

    Sorry excuse for human beings, all of them.