Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Max Boot Piles On

I knew it had to be Trump's fault, didn't you? It sure as hell can't be the fault of the wonderful European leaders who decided to let a few million Bedouins and Jihadis in and sign them up for welfare. And God knows it can't be the Muslims' fault. It's Whitey's fault in general, of course, and Trump's fault in particular. If you haven't heard of Max Boot, he's one of the more prominent of the neocons, who are a groups of Trotskyites who used to hang out in the Democratic party until it was totally taken over by groovy hippies, and then moved over to the Republican Party and took that over to make sure it was belligerent as hell against Russia, which they never forgave for picking Stalin over Trotsky, and also against all Arab countries for the benefit of Israel, which they consider a far more important country than the silly old United States. Google "Max Boot" for more.

And in this quote, of course, Boot makes sure that Trump, who is the only Presidential hopeful we have who has the slightest intention of defending this country and its interests, is blamed for what a bunch of murdering jihadis did in Belgium.

In this, he is typical of the neocon scum which has been running the Republican Party for years, and who are scared to death Trump might take it away from them.

This quote just appeared on Steve Sailer's blog. To discuss it and it's meaning, do go there and learn even more from Steve's commenters. It's all here:
Quibcag: The jihadis in the illustration are, I believe, the girls from K-On! (けいおん! Keion!) cosplaying.


  1. His Whackopedia page is rather interesting:
    Boot was born in Moscow.[4] His parents, both Russian (((Jews))), later emigrated from the Soviet Union to Los Angeles, where he was raised.[4]
    Surprise, surprise (no, the name is not a pseudonym)
    He moved to The Wall Street Journal for the next eight years.[3] He wrote an investigative column called 'Rule of Law' about legal issues. After a short, four-year career with the column, he rose to the head position of the Journal's editorial board.[7]
    WSJ. 'nuff said
    Boot served as a foreign policy adviser to Senator John McCain in his 2008 United States presidential election bid.[26]
    Boot vigorously supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the 2007 surge.[4] He wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed in April 2011 arguing that it is "in America's Interest to Stay in Iraq" because

    [h]aving active bases would allow us to project power and influence in the region.[34]
    double facepalm
    Boot also strongly supported NATO intervention to come to the aid of the Bosniaks in the Yugoslav wars, which he regarded as a just cause for humanitarian reasons. He has criticized President Ronald Reagan's decision to pull out of Lebanon after the barracks bombing as well as President Bill Clinton's decision to pull out of Somalia after the Battle of Mogadishu, viewing them as signs of American weakness and as stepping stones towards the 9/11 attacks.[36]
    Wonder if he'd support military action against those who have done even more harm to the US, such as those in Hollywood (perversion) and Manhattan (swindling on a massive scale)? I'm guessing not.
    Boot supports what he calls American imperialism based on nation building and the pursuit of spreading democracy across the non-Western world. He sees this as the only way to prevent another event like the 9/11 attacks.
    K-ON did a song for him.

    1. Now, it is quite a weird synchronicity that I picked K-On for the quibcag illustration. All I ever needed to know about the neocons I learned from Anime....

    2. Remember Boot also said this in "This Victory May Haunt Us," which ran in the November 14 [2001] edition of the Wall Street Journal. :
      ""This is not a war being won with American blood and guts. It is being won with the blood and guts of the Northern Alliance, helped by copious quantities of American ordnance and a handful of American advisers. After Sept. 11, President Bush promised that this would not be another bloodless, push-button war, but that is precisely what it has been."

      So, the biggest problem with Afghanistan was that not enough American blood was being wasted.
      The chickenhawk should be dropped into Syria with a combat knife and a compass.

    3. I'm not sure I could come up with a more consistently incorrect record than Comrade Boot if I actively worked at it.

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