Saturday, March 12, 2016

Is the Trumpening Inevitable?

The Trumpening, is, as far as anything in human affairs can be said to be, pretty much inevitable now. Meaning his nomination and election. But in a way, the Trumpening has already happened. The core of the American people — White, productive men, plus their allies — have become more and more conscious of their own disenfranchisement. Their way of life is sneered at by the elite. Their religion, their work ethic, their productivity, their moral codes, and their very self-worth have been devalued and replaced by worship of the "other," that is, anything and everything other than them.

Above normal, productive White men and their allies, we now revere any and all nonWhites, nonAmericans, nonChristians, and, of course the sexual deviants of the month.

There have been stirrings over the decades, when certain political figures have appealed, to one degree or another, to the aspirations of the American core to be valued as they should be. George Wallace had a bit of that, along with Goldwater, Nixon, Reagan, Ron Paul, and Pat Buchanan.

But Trump seems to be the first to appeal to so many at once. It may be his extraordinary political instincts, or it may be that the Core's frustrations have reached the boiling point, or that all other candidates are even more pathetic than usual. More likely a combination of all three. But whatever the reason, Trump is in a position to attain a landslide and a mandate to turn things around like no President has for generations.

At Deconstructing Leftism [link], Thrasymachus writes:

The Trumpening

The Trumpening cometh. There is, has been, and will be, much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but still it comes.
I have been meaning to post something in defense of ethno-nationalism, but I lost my train of thought on that post. Things are happening, things are changing, and I don’t think anybody knows or appreciates what or how much.
Donald Trump is not the savior of white people, and not the savior of America. It’s possible nothing at all will change in the conduct of governance if he takes office. The usual neoconservative and neoliberal suspects are chimping out over him. It’s possible every single bad thing they say is true. The one voice that actually gives me a little pause is Hipster Racist, who says Trump is completely Israeli controlled. But I have to answer that the same as all the other criticism- so what? If he is, all the others are also. Things can’t be worse, they won’t necessarily get better, but possibly Trump will shift the direction somewhat.
The Trumpening is a social and political phenomenon that nobody saw coming, and yet was somehow at the same time inevitable. The quality of people involved in politics steadily declines, and the horror show of billionaire-controlled neocon white Hispanics is only matched by the spectacle of billionaire mob boss Big Hill. The show is supposed to maintain some level of decorum and plausibility, but that is gone.
As a “conservative” of some sort, if I thought it made any difference, I would rather see Jeff Sessions running for president with Donald Trump’s support rather than the other way around. But no tribal billionaire will finance Sessions, so that can’t happen.
Anglophone society maintains control primarily through social pressure, in defining what is respectable to think and say and what is not. As long as the taboo holds, this works much better than putting people in camps. This is why everyone is describing Trump as “crude”, “vulgar”, and other words that only judge social acceptance, not actual truth or merit. None scream louder than the NR neocons, but people have stopped listening.
Lower-class whites are surrendering hopes of social acceptance and respectability by supporting Trump. People know they can’t say the truth, but they know it is possible for someone to say the truth.
Things are getting ugly and will get uglier. But ugly is good these days, pretty is now just makeup caked on a syphilitic whore.

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