Friday, March 25, 2016

Diversity is whose strength, exactly?

The "diversity" thing. I've been going on about it for some time now, and it's surprising when you think about just how vague the definition of it is, as it's commonly used. Oh, its non-sociopolitical meaning is pretty simple and straightforward. It's just another way of saying "variety," in the sense of having a set of different things. Like at a buffet. Some of this, some of that. But sociopolitically it has an ambiguous meaning, really. It usually means having a bunch of different kinds of people in a given  setting, or so they say. Like in the old World War II platoons in the movies, you had some guys from the city, some from the country. One Jewish guy, one Italian guy, one Polish guy, that old cliché. Right now, of course, it actually means fewer White people, especially male, American, heterosexual White people. Sometimes, none at all.

And while most of us realize by now that the call for diversity is always a call to marginalize Whites or eliminate them entirely, it also, paradoxically, calls for a mixture of people, geographically, socially, and genetically, that would end up doing away with actual diversity and rendering the human species into a uniform mixture of all the present races and making all human groups and individuals interchangeable.

But most of us in the philosophical corner variously called the alt-right, the real right, paleoconservatives, libertarian nationalists, etc., tend to zero in on the fact that this "diversity" obsession is designed to put an end to the White race, we sometimes forget to point out that it also necessarily entails the destruction, or genocide, if you will, of all human groups, nations, races, ethnic groups, and even religions — other than the Cult of Diversity, of course. So if anybody out there who belongs to a different group is cheering on the War on Whites, he should consider that they'll get to his group down the line.

And when it looks like "diversity fatigue" might be setting in, and that the proles might be catching on to their real intentions, our leaders change the terminology a little to make it sound like a new idea, and call it "multiculturalism."

The Hawaiian Libertarian is, like me, one of those libertarians who, contrary to the Official Libertarian Overton Window, do not want to help the neocon/liberal establishment to destroy all nations, ethnic groups, races, and religions that stand in the way of their march through the institutions to the New World Order. And he has written the following [link]:

The Cult of Multi Has Ensorcelled the World

The sheeple herders who control the Concentrated Sheeple Feeding Operations of the Western Civilization Franchise, have decided that their most favored practice to manage the vast herds of Western sheeple is to repeatedly import a multitude of differing Sheeple Breeds from all the other feedlot franchises found at other international locales of the multi-national corporate conglomerate, colliquially known here at this outpost in the fever swamps of teh Interwebz, as our Brave New World Order Inc.

By constantly adding a steady influx of various breed stocks of differing heritages and genetics,  the slow-motion process of mass mongrelization over multiple generations of the entire herd stock, is doing it's intended purpose of general herd pacification by reducing potential pockets of resistance from coalescing around common cultural social and/or racial bonds to more effectively resist their operations.

Disjointed, disconnected, dysfunctional, atomized human resources that have no common grounds to bond and communicate with each other, bereft of a common family and culture, trends towards an improvement in conditioned sheeple stock that are more likely to graze compliantly for a lifetime at the feedlot's troughs of agriculturally engineered feed to fatten them up for eventual harvest day. 

While even the most miscegenated mongrel can potentially wake up to the reality of our existence and go off the reservation, most are easily kept in line and complacent by bombarding the herds with incessant messages via digitized media, promoting homogenized mass culture, all based on the cardinal virtues of corporate consumerism, degenerate morality and spiritual degradation. 

One of the most pervasive and ubiquitous messages being broadcast incessantly into the minds of the herds for decades now has been a simply worded but highly effective meme:


THEY use advanced modern technology to incessantly disseminate such regularly scheduled programming to all the inhabitants of a feedlot operation this vast. To control so many sheeple's minds amongst the enormous herds; to keep them happily confined and unable to comprehend potential emancipation from their machinations; these sort of operations requires the best media system fiat usury money can buy.

Read the rest, and see more interesting graphics here:
Quibcag: I had to give up. It's impossible to find an anime graphic anywhere that adequately symbolizes Hawaii without being clichéd. At least I found one of a luau with a girl in what appears to be a sarong rather than a grass skirt. The drawing, is, of course, from K-On! (けいおん! Keion!).


  1. Thanks Baloo, I like it!

    I had to give up. It's impossible to find an anime graphic anywhere that adequately symbolizes Hawaii without being clichéd.

    I lol'd!

    No worries about cliched kitsch when it comes to Hawaii...while we often laugh at a lot of it, we do for the most part embrace it to a certain degree.


    1. Glad to hear it! My wife was born there. Dad in the Navy. All I know about the place is from her, you, or James MIchener :)