Sunday, March 27, 2016

Bernie Surges!

It's almost like the Democrats are trying to make Republicans, every one of them, no matter how egregious, seem admirable by contrast. They're basically running a somewhat demented, aged Elena Ceaușescu against the most stereotypical old communist Jew you can imagine, who looks and sounds like he just stepped out of the centerfold of Der Stürmer. Hillary's support, it's theorized, comes mainly from Blacks, Democrat apparatchiks, the flakier variety of feminists, and sexually ambiguous White males. As for Bernie, who can say? But the graphic suggests that he's cutting into Hillary's demographic a little, at least one branch of it. I suppose it can't hurt any to pass this around. The dinks supporting Bernie might be offended a little, but this surely isn't enough to tilt them over to supporting you-know-who. Even those who wear Bernie Support Socks (sorry!) aren't so perverse as to do that.


  1. I was thinking about that today - a Jew socialist versus a drunken lesbian. And the Republicans thought they had problems!

  2. Sander's isn't a communist. He is a moderate social democrat with some nationalist and non interventionist leanings, not utterly awful on guns and is a mainstream moderate or even conservative candidate in Europe. He even thought out just how to pay for his plans. Its not great but you get what you get.

    I'm for Trump mind you but Sanders is better and more trustworthy than than anyone but Trump. And that does include Ted "wholly owned subsidiary of Goldman Sachs" Cruz.

    And note re: wealth redistribution. Its going to happen if we don't collapse. Its not some inevitability of Soviet nonsense but a simple magnification of existing trends. No one wants to hire, no wants to to pay for civilization (not that I entirely blame them in this case) and the State will step in and make them.

    We might implode first but Federal taxes will rise or if that is impossible, the US will mint the money and the percentage of GDP that is "State" will rise from around 40% to 60% or so I'd guess. The only way out of that trap is good private sector jobs, more GDP to wages and probably deportation and a wall.

    Trump might get us there, Sanders won't though he will probably reduce immigration a bit indirectly and favors the mainstream Republican shore up border security thing

    Why we are screwed is just that both parties in the US are economic liberals and social liberals smattered with anarcho tyranny the worst combination possible in a non totalitarian state.

    Trump isn't, Sanders ins't and that is refreshing.