Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Withdrawn Endorsement

Actual terrorist Bill Ayers is protesting against trump in Chicago.
The news as I understand it is that some sort of coalition of establishment activists, communist thugs, and SJW's, evidently financed by Soros, has suppressed free speech in Chicago by chaotic rioting.  Terrorist murderer Bill Ayers seems to have been involved, also. The two establishment puppets, Cruz and Rubio, rushed to blame Trump instead of the rioters. This is called "blaming the victim," and it says more about the tools Cruz and Rubio than it does about anybody else. I'm now hearing Kasich on TV also blaming Trump instead of the rioters.

So the narrative from the media, the Democrats, the Establishment Republicans, and everybody except the actual American people is that if you're physically attack for speaking, or tying to speak, in public, it's your fault.

Some ditz on TV right now is saying that it's everybody's fault, not just the actual perpetrators of the violence. The idiot next to her just said that it's Trump's fault, not the fault of the rioters.

In short, the established order is sacrosanct,  from the established order to the flakiest leftist, and anybody who criticizes it deserves to be physically attacked. Another idiot just mentioned Huey Long and Hitler.

So everybody from Ted Cruz to Bill Ayers is standing shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity agains freedom of speech.

Matt Bailey reports this:

"Fox News' "2nd Amendment Lady" has this to say, and I say well-done to her".
I have officially withdrawn my endorsement and support for Ted Cruz.

His decision to blame Trump for the actions of liberal lunatic protestors in Chicago is unconscionable.

He should have used this opportunity to take a stand for free speech.
Instead, he sides with the protestors and lies about Trump saying he encourages violence. (never mind the fact that his own right hand campaign buddy, Glenn Beck was investigated by Secret Service for joking on air about repeatedly stabbing Trump) (thats different of course)

This is the most outrageous and desperate thing I have seen a candidate do in this race.

I have made a grave mistake by misreading this man and his character.

This was the final straw in a week of issues I have had with Cruz and his decisions.

Donald Trump will win this nomination in spite of the establishment GOP, in spite of their new boy, Cruz, their old boy, Romney... And, I predict if the GOP establishment tries to jack with the people's choice, Trump will pull out, run 3rd party, and will still win the general election.

Call me enraged tonight.
I can not believe I fell for this act.
P.S. Do read the comments. I'm getting info that her statement is bogus.


  1. Jan Morgan's comment is false. Someone created a fake meme. She never endorsed Cruz to start with. You can't withdraw an endorsement you never made. The only thing she said on her twitter account is this:

    "Jan Morgan ‏@JanMorganMedia 14h
    I have officially withdrawn my endorsement and support for Ted Cruz.
    His decision to blame Trump for the (Link)"

    I encourage you to go to her Twitter page and see she how she's flipped back and forth dozens of times. One minute she cheers Trump, the next minute she cheers Cruz. She even says she hasn't endorsed any candidate. Jan is a has-been who lost credibility years ago.

    Who is this "Matt Bailey"? The only man with that name that I'm aware of is an Internet Marketing expert, speaker and author. FOX news is not even carrying this "story", nor do they claim Jan as "2nd Amendment Lady". Pffft

    1. Thanks. I'll check. Had she endorsed anybody at all?

    2. No, she hasn't. I checked her Twitter and Facebook accts earlier. Here are her most recent tweets that support my comment. Thank you for your interesting in reporting the truth.

      "Jan Morgan @ JanMorganMedia Mar 4
      "This is really down to a two man race between Cruz and Trump ... Both of which are establishment GOP nightmares !"
      Oh happy day!"

      "Jan Morgan @JanMorganMedia Mar 4
      So proud of Ted Cruz for winning Kansas!
      If Rubio and Kasich would drop out, we could get this race DONE!"

      "Jan Morgan ‏@JanMorganMedia Mar 4
      Doing some serious soul searching about my choice for President."

      "Jan Morgan @JanMorganMedia Feb 18
      Because I have made positive posts about EVERY GOP candidate, people are confused about who I support."