Sunday, March 20, 2016

A VP for the Trumpster, Part III

Over at Unca Bob's Treehouse [link], Bob Wallace has a thought-provoking idea:

Jim Webb as Trump's VP

I think Trump should choose Jim Webb as his V.P.If he chooses a woman leftists will say, "He's still a woman-hater! And trying to con people he's not!" And of he chooses a man they'll howl, "Why didn't he choose a woman!" So Trump can't win with a woman.
Here is Webb's lengthy Wikipedia entry: [link].

That would have a few advantages. Webb is a Democrat — if you remember, he was trying to run against Hillary, but the Democrat Establishment hate his sort, and I wrote about how he doesn't fit in with the Democrats some time back here [link] — but a conservative one. Makes me think of the Lincoln-Johnson fusion ticket in that respect, Johnson having been a Democrat but a Union loyalist. Webb is a Democrat but not a crazy-nut Bolshevik like Sanders nor a Wall Street puppet lying crook like Hillary. He'd give all the Reagan Democrats even more of an excuse to come back and vote Republican.

Also, of all the living Democrats in the world, Webb is the only one I wouldn't mind having for President if it came to that. And if you read about him, you might well agree.

And his Vietnam service, and the fact that he won a chestful of medals will be fun to bring up when Hillary talks about being under fire while running from helicopter to helicopter in the Duchy of Grand Fenwick or wherever.

And of course he's held elective office and was Reagan's Secretary of the Navy, and he was a Marine officer, and he's the author of several books, and they can't call him a racist because his wife is Vietnamese. There's more. Go read about him at Wikipedia.


  1. Webb would be an excellent choice, for his personal qualities and strategic political reasons. I was just talking him up to some of my family the other day. His book 'Born Fighting' is excellent also.

  2. Gen. John Kelly will be Trump's VP.

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